I'm in Love with Friction Free Shaving! #ffs

I received a package the other day that gave me the perfect excuse for a bit of TLC and some ‘me time’. Friction Free Shaving is a new subscription box available which s delivered monthly to your home and prices start from £3 a month.

Photo Credit: Warren Allen (aka Rockdaddy.)

Their concept is simple, us ladies are spending a fortune on razors that end up tearing our skin and making the whole ‘shaving’ experience something we dread. Well, with FFS this is a thing of the past! When you go onto their website you simply pick your Shaviour, enter your details and off you go. For between £3-7 a month you receive fresh blade for every week of the month.
When my razor arrived I was pleasantly surprised. I was sent the gorgeous Samantha! She’s gold and shiny and she has such a great feel to her. She’s not light or flimsy, in fact I’d say she’s quite weighty, perfectly adept at lasting for a long time. Also, the packaging is minimal and recyclable. Win win.
I was also sent some lovely Cationic Shaving Cream to try out. This stuff is magic, full of ingredients to soothe your skin and help raise the hairs up so it makes it easier to shave them! Proper scientific magic stuff going on there, eh?
I loved using FFS products, I loved feeling good about myself and confident in my lack of bleeding ankles and sore armpits! I’m really passionate about people having time for themselves, whether this is reading a book or going for a run, we all need time to feel good about ourselves.
Would you like to try a subscription out? Head on over and sign up now for less stress and more pampering!
Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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