I Want to Get Away… in 2018.

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Oh how we’re longing for a holiday this year; after all the lows of last year I’m hoping this year we’ll see a significant change and be able to do and see so much more without the worries of 2017.  Even if money was no object I think I’d still choose a bunch of UK getaways, purely because it’s a very beautiful and surprising place!

You only need a sneak peek of Wales to see there’s so much to love about the UK, so I thought I’d list the places I’d love to visit this year, if I get the chance.

Five places I’d love to visit in 2018…

1. I want a seafront stay at Aberystwyth.

Oh how I miss my former home of Aberystwyth. Not a day goes by when I don’t have a fleeting memory pop into my head (mostly of Warren travelling all the way there just to see me, the old romantic!). I love this little seaside town and I loved staying at The Glengower a few years ago with Warren for our wedding anniversary. 

2. I want to visit somewhere new.

I love seeing new places with the family, from sea front adventures to wandering around lovely little shops, it’s the little things that make a holiday special. I love the idea of visiting one of these lovely cottages in Beadnell where I can imagine us strolling along the beach or popping to one of the local pubs for lunch and a cheeky pint. 

3. I want to see my hometown.

I love Brum. Fact. It’s the place I grew up and couldn’t wait to leave, then when I left I missed it all the more and appreciated it for what it is – a blooming awesome city! I’m so proud to come from Birmingham, the city full of friendly faces and unusual places. I try to visit every year if I can so I have to do my best to go in 2018!

4. I want to visit Scotland!

I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland, in particular Edunburgh.  I have never been and I love the idea of checking out the castle and meeting lots of lovely Scottish folk. I have a mad obsession with Trainspotting and Outlander, so it makes total sense to head to Scotland, right?!

5. I want to explore more of Wales… 

There’s so much to see in Wales, even on my own doorstep I can find museums, parks and lots of other lovely beautiful sights. There’s Snowdonia, Brecon for the breathtaking views and Cardiff for the nightlife and shopping scene. Basically Wales has it all on offer (and more!).

So there we have it, in my dreams these are the places I’d love us all to visit this year. From city sights to the seaside, I think my list has it all!


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