How to Make a Small Garden Beautiful and Spacious.

How to Make a Small Garden Beautiful and Spacious.




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Having rented for over ten years, we’ve lived in all kinds of houses and they’ve come with all kinds of outdoor space. We’ve had large gardens with lawns, tiny yards and even one with a lovely veg patch. Currently we have a small outdoor space, but it’s the kind of space that could definitely be improved!

When it comes to making a small garden spacious, there are a few things you can do, and in doing so the space transforms into a beautiful one.

Use Climbing Plants

Climbing plants will not only take up very little space, they’ll also offer a gorgeous and colourful addition to your garden. I love the idea of an array of coloured plants lined up along along a wall or trellis; perfect to sit beside in the warm sunshine.

Get your paintbrush out!

Nothing brightens up a space like colourful paint work. Grab your paint pots and brushes and paint the garden walls, you could even go as far as creating a mural of some kind to match your garden’s general theme or colour scheme. Get creative and see how the beauty comes alive!

Plant, baby, plant…

Warren recently made a planter for us and it’s just perfect! It isn’t ground level, but this creates a spacious feel and vibe to the garden, a bit like furniture on legs. This optical illusion is also perfect for your back, saving you from bending down to tend to the weeds…
I also have lots of plants in pots, which means I’m not taking up huge amounts of space in our garden, but it still feels full to the brim with nature.
A selection of photos: grass, flowers, lights.

Fake it!

I have to admit, I’m really missing grass in my own back garden. Patio slabs just don’t offer the comfort and summer style I need in my life. That’s where fake grass comes into play! There are so many types on offer you’ll be spoilt for
choice, and how beautiful will your garden look with all that green?! Bliss.


Whether we’re talking fairy lights or candles, the sense of light gives such a warm feeling to any garden, it’s hard to go wrong. I really love the tall garden candles you can pop into the ground and light, or the hanging lanterns you can put tea lights in. Lights just look so inviting!

Vertical Growing

We’ve already talked about climbing plants and raised planters, but what about vertical growing? You can find loads of idea on Pinterest, and I think the ones that stand out for me are the ones with pallets and pots used to grow all kinds of herbs; they’re gorgeous and so very space saving!


You need to get the kind of outdoor furniture that suits you (and your family!). As much as I’d love a hammock, right now it wouldn’t work for us because of the size of our family compared to the size of the garden. However a small table and chairs would be more practical, and would take up a similar amount of space! Choose carefully and you’ll have the perfect place to relax during those summer months!
There are some awesome dream garden accessories from Stressed Mum, go check them out!
I hope you’ve found my tips useful, and if you have any of your own please leave them in the comments…

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