How The Body Confidence Program has Changed my Life!

A few months ago I started a journey that changed my life. The Body Confidence Program is based on several key principles, and thanks to the creator, Ru-tee, I have a new relationship with food and my body.
From getting a good night’s sleep to eating regularly, to feeling fantastic, The Body Confidence Program has been an undeniable success.
The program guarantees a reduction of 16 inches, and although I’m not number obsessed I did reduce by 23 inches and 8lbs. Considering I was eating every 4 hours and continuing my days as normal (I didn’t add exercise, mine was the same as usual; dog walks and playing with the kids in the fields) I think that’s a phenomenal result!
Every Monday you join a conference call with Ru-tee and other people on the program. It really is inspiring to be a part of the conversation and to learn along the journey via these personal calls. Every Thursday you are given new menus for the following week and on a Friday you submit all your measurements and how well you’ve stuck with the golden rules!
Each morning you wake up to a new email and information. The emails are a great way to motivate you to keep going! Plus, in your personal member area on the website, you will find a steady stream of articles and advice to guide you through the why’s and how’s of the program.
This kind of support was amazing to have and I think it spurs you on to achieve greater results in the long run.
My attitude towards food has been severely altered, I no longer crave bread or sweet stuff. Instead I feel I’ve woken up to feeding my body good fats and tons of water! It’s all about hydration…
Here are some of the meals I’ve enjoyed whilst on the program:

One of the great outcomes of following the program is a fresh mind and better mental health. I felt more confident, positive and clear headed. This meant that when my smoothie exploded one day, I didn’t cry over it, but I laughed a lot! And I took a picture…
Other benefits include a completely bloat-free tummy area. Really! I haven’t once felt bloated or uncomfortable (apart from the egg situation you can read about here, but that was down to my intolerance of egg whites) and each day I’d wake up and feel a difference in my body shape and size.
I also found a new love for eggs and bacon and peppermint tea! Using bacon to dip into your soft boiled eggs is so scrummy and it didn’t leave me feeling bloated as bread/toast would. Peppermint tea has also been a joy to drink, but actually my water intake has been just as enjoyable.

13700010_10157114190100244_8294692345496723081_n    tea

Here are the physical changes that occured between week one and week eight… It’s nt clear in photo one, but there isn’t much of a curve behind my elbow. I can, now the photos are beside each other, see how much I’ve changed in two month’s.

Because of the hydration and food changes, I’ve also noticed my skin change. From spotty, dry and dull to fresh, clear and glowing. I rarely wear make-up these days and usually just pop on a bit of mascara. I’ve never done that before! Here is a picture of my skin before and after as well as the reduction is puffiness/fat from my face…


This photo is me fitting into size 10 jeggings! This made my absolute day and I hope to be able to fit into more size 10 clothes in the future! I haven’t been a size 10 in about 7 years so you can imagine how chuffed I am!
I really cannot imagine my lifestyle any other way after working so hard during the program. I did slip up, I did drink wine on random days and when we were on holiday I couldn’t stick to it (so I worked on it for two weeks extra) but the thing is, you can pick yourself up, dust yourself down and push forward, following the rules, the food and ultimately loving yourself!
If this sound like something you may be interested in doing, then visit The Body Confidence Program, or check out the Instagram page. The 8 week program is £450 and you can continue to gain support once the 8 weeks has come to an end because Ru-tee offers a Maintenance Program for £29.99 per month which includes:

  • Maintenance food list
  • Maintenance meal planner
  • On going access to to all previous recipes
  • 8 new recipes a month
  • At least 1 new article a month
  • 1 exercises program a month
  • Access to the private Maintenance Facebook page
  • Support emails every 3 days
  • A monthly conference call
  • On going email support

I personally cannot recommend this program enough. It doesn’t leave you hungry, hangry or miserable. It wipes away headaches, sugar cravings and bad habits and it leaves you feeling younger, leaner and fabulous!
So, thank you Ru-tee for changing my ways, for changing my attitude towards food and my body and ultimately chaging my life.

Disclosure: I was given a free program in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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  1. 4th August 2016 / 7:55 am

    Aw you sweetie! Yes I feel soooooooooo good now! My skin has been the biggest difference because it was always so dry and spotty xxx

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