Home Education Snapshot: May 2016

May has been very interesting at Allen H.Q… we’ve had caterpillars turn into butterflies and our tadpoles are growing super fast!
We’ve learnt a lot about the cycle of a caterpillar, we’ve learnt a lot about letting go (I shed a little tear inside when we set the butterflies free, see more about them here) and we’ve learnt how our family will finally work in this exciting adventure called life (and home ed!).
We had a fun time making baskets together one morning, it was a random activity, and the weaving was challenging but so much fun. We are slowly getting back into our crafting, so this was a simple activity to get us into the flow again.
Most weeks the kiddies suggest something they want to ‘do’, and for me, in May, making lemonade from scratch is the one thing that stands out. It was messy and fun, and we all got stuck in and made a truly delicious drink. It was great talking about the differences between shop bought fizzy lemonade and the real stuff.
With the glorious Welsh weather we’ve spent most of our time outdoors…
outdoor                            13227023_10156907820305244_2050474885523788993_n
We also attended our first ever Techniquest Home Education Day, and it was fab! George, Molly and Warren were all completely consumed by the activities there, and as for the presentation we attended, well it was pretty awesome. Both George and Molly wanted to take part and be in front of the audience, it was pretty impressive seeing their lack of inhibition! Of course, they soon dragged me into making a fool of myself! We had a great time 🙂
We’ve also finished The Worst Witch (review here) and moved on to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We’re loving it, it’s so inspiring for children and adults alike!
George and Molly are still loving gymnastics, even with the move, and we’re trying to find another suitable class for them to attend in the local area – I’ll keep you all posted on that!
So, May has been busier than I realised, the children have socialised with such an array of people, they’ve explored making things for the first time, and maybe most importantly, they’ve been outdoors exploring the real world of nature and games and just being children…


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