Home Education Snapshot: April 2016

Sorry this is a bit late, we’ve been pretty manic! Lots of home ed groups, activities, days out and crafts this month…
I’ll start with our egg people, they’re so incredibly cute and Molly and I loved making them…

Molly, as usual, has been the craft queen during April. She is so self-motivated with activities, and she will often make things on the spot because she feels like it. It’s amazing!
She has been busy making pretend cupcakes and paper dolls too!
George and Molly have also made peg aeroplanes and runways to go with them. It was such a cute moment watching them zoom around the house with them.
We had a recent trip to Parc Play (read all about it here) and we’ve spent a lot of time outdoors and travelling on the train. George and Molly take it in turns to ask for the tickets, their confidence is sky high right now.
Molly has been getting involved in cooking a lot too, she made bolognaise with Warren and it was delicious! We all made marshmallow cookies too, I love cooking with the kids. She also attended a pizza making session with other home educated children, it was so fab and the pizza was scrummy!
George has been working on his bike riding skills and we are so close to him being able to ride it without stablilsers! He’s also very keen to help water the plants in the veg patch! He’s one practical dude…
We had a visit to the museum with one of my lovely friends, and it was really nice to spend one-on-one time with George. The same can be said for taking Molly to the pizza event, it is such a magical time when I’m with them, but when it’s just with one of them I know the time is even more precious 🙂
Our plants are thriving, and Molly is super excited to be able to eat her home grown lettuce 🙂
We’ve had lots of days out in April, but I think our all time favourite one was our day at Folly Farm. It was absolutely wonderful and George and Molly love seeing all the different animals. We had such a great time…
April has been busy, we’ve held cockroaches, visited friends and learnt about Titanic… I wonder what May has in store for us…
How was your home ed April?


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