Home Education: A New Discovery.

Home Education: A New Discovery.
George and Molly painting.

Last week I found an old Facebook post I’d written all about our style of learning, and I shared it once again, because I feel very strongly about it. The post read…


I have no idea what kind of home educational family we are, and I am in some ways, unwilling to label it right now, if ever… What I do want to talk about is learning through joy and want, and not through forced worksheets or forced activities… George has become interested in Titanic. Can’t say I blame him. Because if this he watched a fairly historical re-telling of how the ship was built and in doing so he learnt that religion was causing conflict in Belfast. He then went on to build a little ship from our craft supply. After this we froze icebergs (yet to be used) and then I built LEGO Titanic. Yesterday they started playing with it, and I heard Molly say, ‘I’m coming aboard and going to New York..!’ I watched them build and bash into a LEGO iceberg, I hear George explain to Molly it was women and children first, discussing how unfair that was in his opinion. He had asked me how big it was/is, he talks about going under the sea to see it, he painted it yesterday, he asks how many people went on and how many people died, they chose to draw their suitcase for the Titanic trip, George rented out a book from the library about ships… This is learning in our house, whatever it may be it comes with these things: love, interest, passion and freedom x
I truly stand by this kind of learning, and what followed on from me sharing this was somebody pointing out how this follows the principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach. I had never heard of this approach before, so after a little googling I found out some key concepts for this kind of education.They include…

1. Learning is based on each child’s interests
2. Teachers/Parents learn with their child(ren)

I love both of these points, and I truly believe learning together works for our family as opposed to me leading the learning. For example, they are quite keen to learn Welsh, so we’re all trying to learn together, which is pretty comical! We try out new things, each child has their own loves (Titanic, Rapunzel to name just a few…), we love reading books and going to the theatre, the cinema and out for long dog walks, plus oh so much more…

George pulling a face with a dinosaur peg.


Molly cutting out an egg shape.

The more I read about this, and how it should vary from group to group, the more I fall in love with it. It’s tailored to each child, it’s a massive team effort and it allows children to develop within the areas they adore. Winging it With Harper has a fantastic post over on her blog encouraging learning outside of the classroom, so check it out!

The Reggio Emilia Approach seems focused on younger children, but I have no reason to see why it cannot work long term. Is it a version of unschooling? I’m just not sure, perhaps, who knows… Does it suit us? Yes, it does. It’s fun, enjoyable, the knowledge sticks and most importantly, we are a team.

I think we will be doing a bit more in the way of focused learning in terms of literacy, art, skills and other subjects, but we’ll work them out together, as a team.

What do you think of this style of learning? What would your approach to home education be?



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