Home Education: Hibernation


our home education is pretty free in terms of what and when we learn
(although I think learning occurs all the time!) we do often have a
little theme going on that George and Molly take turns choosing. I’ve
decided to include these themes on the blog and share the difference
resources, ideas and activities too, in case anyone finds them
useful. I imagine we’ll go back to the themes over the years, so I’ll
update as and when I can with age appropriate ideas.
week we begin our journey following and learning about hibernation.
So far I have a few things planned, and I have also popped over to
Twinkl for some resources if George and Molly wish to take part.
First of all we’ve spent a lot of time talking about hibernation, and
we’ve already ordered a book from the library (we struggled to find
books online and at the library for this subject!) and started
collecting books and toys from around the house for our little
display area.
love having somewhere the kids can go to display their crafts and
activities if they choose, but also a place we can go to in order to
learn more. So here’s what we have planned so far…
  • Watch
    youtube documentaries and musical/fun videos about hibernation.
  • Read
    books about hibernation.
  • Create
    a hedgehog home in our garden.
  • Take
    part in an acorn trail thanks to Twinkl.
  • Create
    art with leaves, like this activity.
  • Paint,
    draw, write and play music inspired by hibernation.
  • Read
    and write stories about hiberntion.
  • Research
    all the animals that hibernate and why.
  • Use
    games from Twinkl to learn about hibernating animals.
  • Use
    Pinterest for hibernation crafts.
  • Play
    hibernation games… this one is a work in progress!
  • Go
    on a Bear Hunt.
think there’s probably so much more we will discover, and I’ll add
anything else to this post over the next few weeks. The main
objective is to have FUN and LEARN through play and fun activities. I
also don’t force them to take part in everything, but usually they’re
pretty keen to take part.
think this is going to be a fun topic, and the joy with home ed is
that it can last for as long as we like. We usually feel it fizzle
out when we’ve had enough, then we have a little break and choose the
next topic.
keep your eyes peeled for lots of hibernation related activities on
the blog and also comment if there’s anything you’ve done that we
could possibly do as part of our fun learning life.

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