Home Education and the Summer Holidays

Yes, it’s that time of year when the holidays are coming and as a home educator I feel a little edgy about how busy the world will be! I’m probably a minority, but I prefer the quiet of term time, the ease of travel during school hours and the freedom to take your time instead of feeling rushed… Basically, during the summer hols every day is a Saturday.

So, it’s time to focus on the garden, go to the less ‘tourist’ type places and try not to get caught in the hype of summer. I know there are a few things on our list that will mean we’ll be in Cardiff during busy times, but on the whole, the holidays seem to be a place of quiet refelction.

Here are some of the things we’re going to do in the ‘holidays’…

  1. Take a stroll to the beach. This is something we haven’t done much of because of the dog ban, but the summer is the perfect excuse!
  2. Spend more time in the garden. It’s been pretty neglected of late. So, we’ll dust off our shovel, open up the sandpit and get the games on the go.
  3. Simple playdates. Visiting each other, meeting at quieter places and just being together.
  4. Spend time with family.
  5. Plan birthday parties! George and Warren both celebrate growing one year older (and wiser) in August, and we get very carried away with the prep!
  6. Go to local parks. Appreciate what’s on our doorstep.
  7. Go camping to a remote spot and learn how to build a fire from scratch.
  8. Wing it. See how each day goes.
  9. Have pyjama days-and we won’t give two hoots!
  10. Bake. We haven’t baked anything in a while because of The Body Confidence Program, but we need to get back to it 🙂
  11. Visit the museum for their ‘worm’ activities, Molly and George love worms!
  12. Visit Cardiff Bay and go on the boat!

So, does the thought of the holidays make you feel tired already? What do you have planned this summer?


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