Happy Home Ed Anniversary!

I cannot believe it’s been a year since George and Molly started their journey into Home Education! It has absolutely flown by. I’m in Birmingham this weekend so I wanted to write a little post (whilst Warren stiches his Rocky Horror costume!) just for George and Molly.
So here it is…
I’ll start by saying, whatever the future holds, school or not, I couldn’t be prouder of you both. You are two amazing, special and intelligent kids. I have spent a year getting to know you both again, without the exhaustion, stress, pressure of school life.
I have loved meeting other home ed families with you, I’ve loved fishing at Porthkerry with you and talking to everyone we see when we’re out, I’ve loved going on adventures with you, I’ve loved being the one who is always there when you fall or hurt yourself, I have loved seeing you learn, I’ve loved seeing you learn with your Daddy (he’s so clever, just like you!).
I’m proud when you make your own food, when George ties his own shoes, when Molly shows us her ‘tuck jump’, when you both teach me something new!
You are both wonderful. You are both kind. You are inspirational and Nanny can explain what that means 😉
From writing to sewing to growing vegetables, we’ve done it all this past year.
I want you both to know I’ll always be there for you both I’ll always have your back, I’ll always pick you up when you fall and I’ll always, always, always hold you when you’re sad, happy or hurt.
I love you both and cannot wait to see you tomorrow!
Happy Home Ed Anniversary dudes xxx


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