Happy Birthday, Dad…

So today, if my Dad had still been alive, he would have been celebrating his 76th Birthday. Instead, we had a bitter-sweet day full of highs, lows and lots and lots of eating!
With a sugar overload, George lost the plot and spent most of the day (in between making, making and eating) running around a bit like Kevin in Home Alone when he thinks he made his family disappear. Honestly, I drank a lot of tea today, in true John Brockington style 😉
We woke up and lazed about in our Pjs, eating delicious bagels and drinking tea and just relaxing. Then we got dressed, brushed our teeth and talked between each task making it last even longer. We talked about my Dad, we talked about toothpaste, we talked about weird and wonderful things like the dead spider in the bath.
Then we decided to make lemon meringue pie. This takes an age, but it’s so worth it! George is the lemon meringue pie King- he ate loads of it! Just like my Dad would have 🙂
George then decided to make his Minion cupcakes, he really wanted to do them alone, so Molly and I sat nearby and got on with our Jeep making! George really got into his baking, he kept repeating, ‘Safety first!’. He did everything himself apart from taking the cakes out of the oven, and it was such an amazing moment. I’ve challenged him to make his next batch from scratch using a cookbook and he seems keen- so exciting!
George then joined Molly and I, up to our eyeballs in cardboard and tape! We finished off the awesome cardboard safari car with more tape, card, crepe paper and split-pin wheels! We loved this activity, and it was great to be doing something so simple yet amazing.
The day flew by and then it was time for a movie and pie. Warren was home and our little family felt complete, safe from the rain and snuggled on the sofa.
It’s been an up and down day, but one to remember in memory of my wonderful, tea drinking Dad.



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