Halloween with Red Herring Games

We recently received a children’s Halloween Mystery game package in the post from Red Herring Games. We adore Halloween, and we like to make it as much fun as possible for George, Molly and their friends.
When the Red Herring game arrived Warren and I did feel a bit overwhelmed, but in hidsight I realise this is because we aren’t normally this planned out and organised, we kinda go with the flow and see where it takes us. However, it was really nice to have a focus, props and direction to keep all the kids entertained.
The box contained lots of detailed instructions, scripts and most of the props you’ll need for the game.Our very first job was to write out and post invitations!

The invitations were really fab and George loved filling them in. Once we’d set a date and handed out invitations  it eas time to decorate the house!

As you can see, we really enjoyed this part of the process! Then all we had to do was get into our spooky outfits!
Before even any of this fun stuff had happened, Warren and I had the job of reading the information booklet provided by Red Herring Games. I read through it several times ahead of our planned evening of frights, and we spent a few evenings putting bits and bobs together for each game. You don’t need a lot for the games, but without some items the games will not run as smoothly.
I’m a nervous host, and because Warren had a ‘part’ to play within the game, I had no choice but to have a go at hosting. Luckily I had a good friend help and this removed some of the pressure! I kept the booklet on me, because my memory is a bit rubbish and it helped me keep ahead of each game.
For our game the children needed to find Mr Skellington. The children had to play several games and solve the clues to find him!
The first game was all about making mummies and we had a lot of fun wth this! I like the flexibilty of this game and we ended up wrapping a few people up.
The kiddies were soon finding clues and getting into the motion of the game and when they saw the White Ghost (Warren!), they were quite mesmerised by his special effects voice and white sheet!
Next up was the Medusa game, it really went down well. Our house isn’t huge and it worked, but I can imagine how fab it would be in a huge room!
They all worked really hard to untangle Medusa’s hair, and the audio clip with this game completely shocked the kids (in a good way!) and they were silent as she spoke! Afterwards Molly kept talking in Medusa’s snake-like voice, so cute!
After this we moved on to the next game and this involved wordsearches! The boys were pretty consumed with this part of the game…

We then had a search game we’d set up in the garden where the kiddies had to collect different items for different menus.
We then had a go at digging for eyeballs in brain and spaghetti jelly! It was great and they managed to find out all the clues along the way…
The final part of the game was finding Mr Skellington. We’d set this up in the garden too, and it worked really well for us because it allowed them to all run around whilst searching for the bones!
When the game was over it was time to eat and everyone had built up an appetite. The food went down a treat…
When everyone left we handed them party bags from Party Bags and Supplies 🙂
Overall the party and games were a huge success. Obviously different children find different things interesting (such as the wordsearch or jelly brains!) and they also get very excited! I had a great team of grown-ups helping me host the game (thanks W and R!) and so this helped me a LOT!
The booklet for the game is really informative and it covers everything, from arrival games to food. I kept it to hand during the whole event so I could keep on top of what was next as well as read from the host’s script. What’s great is how adaptable the script is, and you can be as dramatic or as low-key as you like.
We really enjoyed this package; it was fun, interesting, varied and full of laughs! Red Herring Games offer all kinds of party games for children and adults; we can’t wait to try an adult version!
Have you tried Red Herring Games? What are your plans for Halloween this year?
Disclosure: I received this game set in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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