Halloween With Hobbycraft #4: Slime Making!


Disclosure: We received paint and glue to make this slime. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Halloween slime? Okay then, no problem! We love a bit of slime making, we do it so often I imagine we could all do it in our sleep! We don’t often combine slimes though (I know, we should totally do this more!) so we were really excited to create a set of three colours for Halloween and then mix them together!

The way we make slime is really simple, but it did take a lot of trial and error. I’ll try to explain our method as simply as possible, but don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work out for you the first time, just keep trying…

Slime Making Recipe


PVA Glue
Contact Lens Solution
Shaving Foam


We also put the PVA glue in first, we use about a cup full, but it’s not essential to get this 100% accurate. Not all PVA glues will work, there’s lots that do though. Stick to a basic PVA glue like the one sold at Hobbycraft.

We then add a similar amount of shaving foam. Don’t go for the cheapest and don’t use shaving gel. We always go to Poundworld and get Gillette shaving foam for £1!

Once these are mixed together we add paint for colour. Hobbycraft sent us a bundle of bright coloured paints so it was the perfect excuse to try them out. I used green, Molly used purple and George used orange. The colours provided were so bright and perfect for Halloween! You add enough to the mixture for the required shade.

Once it’s all mixed together it’s time for the magic  science.  I love this bit. We all love this bit. You add the contact lens solution a little at a time. We use this one and it works really well. As you add and mix it you’ll notice how the mixture starts to bind and become like a big lump with cobweb bits around it. This is normal! Keep going. Don’t overuse the solution, take your time. When it starts to become one lump it’s time to knead and pull it on the table and between your hands, adding more solution if the slime is too sticky.

And there you go!


Here’s a short video of how it should look during each stage…

And here’s a video with the finished Halloween slime!

Our minds are racing now ready for Christmas slime, so watch this space! Have you made slime before? How did yours turn out?



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