Halloween Horrors With Wilko.

Halloween Horrors With Wilko.


Wilko recently sent us a lovely bundle of Halloween goodies for us to try out and I have to say, I’m more than impressed. You might have gathered how fond we are of Halloween, I could literally lvie each day like it’s Halloween but you know, fake blood isn’t an everyday kinda look. But when it comes to some of Wilko’s products, I won’t be returning some of them to the loft at the end of October!

Terracotta Pumpkins

About a week ago I walked into Wilko in Cardiff and fell head over heels in love with their terracotta pumpkins. To me, they were not only perfect for Halloween, but for all year round! I even asked Nanny Kim to get me one for Christmas…

But then, a few days later our fantastic bundle of Wilko Halloween goodies arrived and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Inside was not one, but two of those amazing pumkins!

Large Terracotta Pumpkin £5.00


Small Terracotta Pumpkin £2.00



When it comes to costumes Wilko has a fab selection, and Molly and George were super excited about their zombie costumes! They’ve literally worn them most days and they’ve certainly gotten into character…


Zombie Costume £12.00


Zombie Costume £12.00


Molly’s costume is fantastic and I actually think hse could wear it any day of the week; it’s pretty cool and gothic! George’s costume has a button you can press and out comes a bloodcurdling munching zombie sound. He loves it so much! You can also buy a zombie make-up kit for just £3.00.


We love dressing up the house and it was a lot of fun using window gel stickers and the gorgeous pumpkin lanterns sent to us. George and Molly loved adding the stickers to the window and I loved the fact that the pumpkin lights actually came with batteries!

Gel Decorations £1.00
Pumpkin Lanterns £7.00


I really like the quality of all the products and they’re all so inexpensive! We are so happy with all our new Halloween additions, they’ve added an extra layer of spookiness to our home as well as long lasting memories for the kiddiebops. I am still totally in love with my pumpkins and I really cannot foresee them being put back in the loft with all the other Halloween items.

Have you checked out the Halloween range at Wilko?

Disclosure: I received products in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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