Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Lifting the Taboo on Hair Loss.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Lifting the Taboo on Hair Loss.

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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest and my own.

When it comes to hair loss and thinning, it’s definitely one of the most sensitive subjects around for both men and women. I, for one, know how sensitive I am about my own hair experiences, from postpartum hair loss to general hereditary hair issues, I think it’s a subject that’s often hard to discuss.

No one really wants to talk about bald spots or fine hair, but we must break this taboo subject and tackle it head on. So, how can we open up the conversation, and how can we potentially fix or help the problem?


Get a good  kind hairdresser…

I remember after I gave birth to Molly I lost so much hair around my temples and ended up going for blood tests to rule out other problems. It turned out to be hormonal, and after several long months my hair started to grow back. I remember seeing a fantastic hairdresser (and now friend) who made me feel at ease and made me feel less embarrassed about my hair loss. He is also a genius with the scissors and has fixed my bad hair days many times over! Having someone who didn’t make me feel awful about my hair, and offer hair style solutions in a kind manner was a dream come true. Talking to a person who makes you feel safe is often cathartic, and I think it’s more powerful than we can imagine.

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See a doctor…

I’m not ashamed to say I saw a doctor when my hair fell out. It was scary and worrying (which probably made it worse!), but seeing a doctor was helpful and it ruled out anything nasty that could have been lurking. They talked openly about hair loss and it didn’t feel quite as overwhelming as I thought it would. Plus, there may be other less terrifying reasons for hair loss such as alopecia. Whatever the reason, a check up with the doctor might well be worth it.

Medical enhancements…

There are so many new things out there these days to try that we’re all pretty spoilt for choice. From home remedies to medication, there’s a lot of choice out there. You can even opt for a hair transplant if this suits your needs. I think it’s absolutely fantastic to have so many options to help improve hair growth, or even replace it. Hair is a part of so many people’s identity, and to be without it can be extremely distressing.

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Yes I said it. When I was losing lots of hair there were times when the option of a wig did cross my mind. I wouldn’t be the kind of person to buy a sensible one though, I’d definitely collect an array of colours and styles and wear them with pride. But to be honest, when it comes to this option, choosing what works for you and your lifestyle is most important. And although we’d all much prefer our hair to magically grow back or grow thicker, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.


Figure out what works for you…

Ultimately, like with most things in life, you should focus on what will make you happy, not the rest of the world. If this means shaving your head or cropping your hair or even opting for a transplant, all that matters is how good these decisions make you feel.

So follow your heart and let’s lift the taboo on hair loss, because deep down we all know our hair doesn’t define us, but our actions do.

Have you experienced hair loss or thinning? How do you feel about the different options out there for people seeking hair loss help?

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  1. 13th January 2018 / 9:15 am

    Love this post!!! It is a difficult subject – I have fine hair but lots of it so people always go on about it being thick but at my age now( 58)I notice thinning and receding- luckily no-one else has yet ( I think/hope)I'd be a 'not sensible' wig person too btw xxx

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