Good Night Anti-Snoring Rings Rock!

When I was offered the chance to try the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, I immediately thought of my mother. Nanny Kim has a snore to wake the dead. When she sleeps over at our house, the walls literally shake when she snoozes.
I’ve told her about it, but until she used a voice activated recorder to monitor her snoring, she had always thought I was exaggerating. The anti-snoring ring is £29.99. It’s a lovely piece of jewellery that you pop onto your little finger, making sure the pressure points are in the right place. You must put them on an hour before bedtime and give them a week to work. One ring should be fine for ‘normal’ snoring, but heavier snorers will require a ring for each pinky.



Nanny Kim was sceptical at first, she really didn’t think it would work. In her case, one ring didn’t work, she actually needed two for her snoring to disappear.
She says it takes time to get used to the routine of using them, popping them on an hour before sleepy time each night. Once you get into it, it’s just part of your daily routine.

Nanny Kim has reported very vivid dreams and, when she does wake in the morning, she feels much more rested than when she wasn’t using the rings.
As an outsider, I really think these rings are elegant and do not draw huge attention to why you may be wearing them (unlike some nose contraptions I’ve seen), so when you rush to answer the door in the morning you only have a ring or two on when you greet the postman!
These rings have made a huge difference, less snoring and more sleep. They are certainly here to stay in Nanny Kim’s life!

Disclosure: We were sent two rings for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% honest.


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