Quirky and Quaint: The Girl With Incredibly Long Hair at Wales Millennium Centre.

a girl with red hair in dungarees smiling.
*Thanks to WMC for review tickets.Photo credit: Kirsten McTernan.

After my lovely day with George I couldn’t leave Molly Moo out of the fun, so today we headed to Wales Millennium Centre to see the long awaited The Girl With Incredibly Long Hair from We Made This.

I hadn’t (as usual) read too much into what the performance would entail, but I obviously knew there would be a storyline similar to Rapunzel. What I didn’t expect was a total flip on the story, and wow did thy do an amazing job. The re-telling paints Gothel in a positive light, with Rapunzel making a new friend in the form of Daf; these two children go on adventure, have fun, face obstacles and then later save the day!

When it was time to go into the theatre, we had a little surprise in the form of seating. The stage was set in the middle of the theatre and there were seats and cushions dotted all around the edges; perfect for children who love to be fully immersed and relaxed during the performance. 

The set was made up of quirky elements, such as little flipping bunnies, a small pond, plants galore and more! There was a very quaint vibe thanks to the bee hive, post box and fish bowl lighting as the sky…

It was a very relaxed atmosphere and Molly made herself comfortable on a cushion in front of me ready for the performance to begin! The birds began to tweet as we were introduced to Mother Gothel/ Mam (Rebecca Killick), who was far from the evil witch we know in the classic fairytale of Rapunzel. Instead she was kind, green-fingered and incredibly sweet. I loved how she interacted with the children throughout the show, and she was definitely no evil witch! Killick’s stage presence was undeniably strong, but in a very calm and soothing manner, and I really loved her performance of Mam. She reminded me so much of Lesley Manville from the hilariously bittersweet BBC’s Mum!

A lady tending to a plant on a grassy floor.
Photo credit: Kirsten McTernan

The story follows Rapunzel, performed by Roanna Lewis, as she embarks on an adventure with Daf, performed by Connor Allen. I immediately recognised Allen from Romeo and Juliet, and I was super excited to see him perform in a different role. He was awesome as DAf, with all the beauty that comes with a childlike performance and more. I loved how he performed alongside Lewis, both of them breaking gender stereotypes as well as showing our children how important it is never to give up!

A young man with a bike helmet reading a map.
Photo credit: Kirsten McTernan

I loved the music, the songs and the use of sound effects throughout the production. I also loved the use of space and scope to perform different scenes without interruption thanks to the large area used for the stage. The costumes were also very quirky and sweet, with Rapunzel’s hair amazing everyone, even me! I think the new take on the classic fairytale is rich with kindness and cleverly told, which hopefully inspires us to take a closer look at the things we presume in our own lives.

The Girl With Incredibly Long Hair is a beautiful piece of theatre, perfect for any age at all, because you’re never too old to get lost in a fairy tale… especially one as sweet as this. 

You’ve still got time to see this performance at Wales Millennium Centre, it’s running until 15th April and tickets are £7!


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