George's Marvellous Medicine: Tonic fo the Soul!

Tonight we had the chance to experience the wonderful delights of George’s Marvellous Medicine brought to the stage by Birmingham Stage Company at the New Theatre in Cardiff.
We recently read George’s Marvellous Medicine and we all loved it, we are huge Roald Dahl fans and it seems so fitting to have one of his books come to life on stage the year of his centenary.
We love going to the theatre as a family; it’s such a special time, watching George and Molly’s (and sometimes Warren’s!) faces light up with joy and excitement. The theatre was buzzing with lots of children, which is always so lovely to see, and there were wonderful programmes available full of fun-packed activities.
With the help of some very friendly staff we found our seats and had a few minutes to admire the well-designed and colourful set.
When the show began we were introduced to George, his mother and father and later, yes you guessed it, Grandma! George was full of character and excitement, Ed Thorpe has so much energy he draws you completely into his world, even before mean Grandma comes along!
The story was pretty fresh in our minds, but with a stage performance so much more is brought to life. Sights and sounds alone encouraged the audience to feel involved, and there was so much audience participation that we felt we were truly part of the show. The music was fun and bouncy, inkeeping with the whole show! George’s parents were hilarious, I especially liked his father, and they both had such great energy it was hard not to smile form beginning to end.
What I loved most the performance was the huge sense of fun. George and Molly’s reactions were beautiful, they both really got into the groove of shouting out to George and helping him with his potion.
The stage props were also pretty awesome! The giant chicken was amazing, the bull’s head and other bits and pieces brought the stage to life, creating a manic farm house amidst George’s potion making session.
When it comes to Grandma, well she was outstanding. Outstandingly rude, outstandingly mean and outstandingly fantastic! Her greatly timed cries for tea, medicine and lunch were perfect and as for her speedy growth, well this mesmerised us all and all George said to me on the way home was, ‘How did she grow? Can we find out how they made her grow?!’
It was a fantastic performance all round and to see such energy on stage transferred to my children, well that’s pretty special…
Catch the show whilst you can, it’s running until 29th October and you won’t want to miss it!
Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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