George’s First Rock Concert: Killer Queen at St David’s Hall!


Last night George and I went on a little date together to see the fantastic tribute band Killer Queen. We were so excited to attend St David’s Hall, it’s so central and vast, and as we approached I could feel the buzz of all the Queen fans heading into the building.

This was George’s first experience of what I can safely describe as a rock concert, despite it being a tribute act. I was worried the show wouldn’t quite match up to anything we could imagine, George pours over footage of Freddie Mercury performing on a regular basis, so it was definitely something for front man Patrick Myers.

The hall was absolutely packed, with die-hard fans ready and waiting for the show to begin. The stage was, of course, full of lights, colour and fun and it was hard not feel a little bit goose-bumpy as we waited for Freddie to emerge.

The lights flashed, the music started and suddenly George and I were catapulted into the world of Queen! It was amazing to hear such beautiful and inspiring music live before our eyes, and it was also lovely to hear some (for me) lesser known, slower songs. These songs left me wanting to learn more about Queen and the songs we don’t necessarily know as well as some of the more heavily played songs.

For me it was The Show Must Go On, Who Wants to Live Forever and Bohemian Rhapsody that stood out as my favourite. All were performed with such energy and passion, as well as delicate elements of piano from Meyers; he is one multi-talented man! I had no idea how they’d pull off Bohemian Rhapsody, but oh my they did!


We were up and dancing and singing along, as were most of the audience! Meyers was fantastic at encouraging everyone to have fun, to dance and rock along with the songs, and he was also incredibly funny. He had such wit and his audience interaction was hilarious; I could quite imagine having a good laugh over a pint or two when he’s not on stage!

George’s favourite part came right at the end when they came back on to perform We Will Rock You. We thought the show was over and we were about to leave, but we ended up having a little rock dance to George’s favourite song! George is nearly 8, and he’s an early sleeper (unlike his sister!) so he was pretty tired by 9.30pm, however it didn’t stop him from rocking out until we left!
We left a little before the last song to avoid the ‘crush’ of people, it was quite a boozy affair with lots of people, so that’s something to bear in mind. We also had quite a loud group nearby us, so I guess it’s important to remind people to remember that kids like Queen too and to try your best not to be quite so crazy when children are around. Although there were a few things from the audience I’d rather not like my children to hear, Killer Queen were professional, funny and entertaining and kept the audience in check!

We had such a great evening, it was so lovely to bond over music together! I’ve watched a few interviews with Patrick Myers and he’s such a warm, passionate person, it’s not hard to see him transfer to stage as the iconic singer of Queen. He fully admits he doesn’t look exactly like Freddie, but it doesn’t matter. He has his mannerisms down and his voice is fantastic; what more could you ask for? He brought life to the stage and his passion for Queen and Freddie Mercury is more than obvious…

I loved him from start to finish, and we really didn’t want the show to end. I cannot wait for them to tour in Cardiff again, because I’ll be bringing the whole family!

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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