George can Ride his Bike!

When I was a kid, riding my bike was the most exhilarating experiences of my life, in fact it still is! This year we decided to buy bikes for the whole family, but neither George nor Molly could ride. So, Warren popped stabilisers on Molly’s bike and we decided to just go for it with George.
He was as excited as we were to get started! We had very limited time to practice, working around Warren’s free days, so that we could concentrate one adult to one child! At first we began by holding the handlebars and guiding George, but this became a bit difficult. He kept gliding along and enjoying the ride without actually cycling or balancing on his own…
So, next step was to gently hold his top midway down his back and let him go for it. We did that for about two sessions over a few weeks and he did really well, but there came a point when he became impatient and agitated (understandably), so we decided to leave him to it.
I bet you think that sounds harsh? Well it actually worked. He committed himself to learning how to ride, and he did it, on his own. Yes, we helped with the occasional push-off, yes we ran to him when he fell, yes we clapped when he kept going and going until he had nowhere left to go. But he did it. He learnt, with guidance, how to push off and keep his balance, he learnt how to turn and how to use his brakes effectively.
Oh how proud we are of him! It brought back all the memories of my own childhood, my Dad and I working tirelessly until I mastered the skill of riding my beat-up BMX. How the first time was one of the most awesome experiences of my life; the wind upon my face, the pure joy of feeling so free.
We have had such an amazing time with George and his journey to riding his bike all by himself. I kinda want to turn back time and start all over again, it’s been so magical…
Have your little ones mastered the art of bike riding yet?


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