Geckgo Festival : The Highs and the Lows!

Last weekend we packed the car to the brim and left on an unknown adventure. Situated in Parc Penallta, Geckgo Fest 2016, the extreme sports and music festival, was set against a backdrop of stunning views and vast countryside.
There are two entrances into Parc Penallta, so we ended up a little bit lost. When we arrived we were greeted by wonderful staff, they were friendly and helpful and went out of their way to make the whole process of entering into the camp-site really easy.
We set up camp quite late into the Friday night and as we started unloading I was approached by a guy who had set up his tent beside us. He told me not to take up too muh room because a camper van was due to arrive next to his tent. as you can imagine, this surprised me because you aren’t given designated spots to erect your tents, you choose your spot if you are bringing your own ‘accommodation’. I tried to shrug it off, but I really felt uncomfortable after this, as if we weren’t welcome by the crowd surrounding us. The kids loved all the hills, the freedom and the adventure of camping as a family.
Once we’d set up, Warren stayed with the tent and I had a wander with the kids. It went a bit downhill again here because there was dog poop all over the fields, and Molly trod in some which then ended up on my hands! Arghhhhhhh I was taking off her wellies to go on a bouncy thing-a-majig and put my hand right in it- bleurghhhhh! Now, I totally get how, on this kinda land, dogs poop and people leave it… BUT, why isn’t it cleaned up in time for the festival? It was absolutely everywhere…
I met a very cool lady who gave me wetwipes and a fruity smelling bad to pop them in. We chatted poo, wee and compost toilets, she was a breath of fresh air! The kids had their bouncy ride (£3.50 each!) and after this we headed back to the tent where we agreed we didn’t feel good about leaving the tent unattended.
There was quite a rowdy crowd, drink was flowing and the music was pumping so loud that George and Molly got a little upset. We used ear defenders which helped for a while. We were all a bit pooped so we ended up flaked out in our sleeping bags. At this point it was late, but it was so hard to get to sleep. The music was very loud (fair enough it’s a festival?) and went on waaaay past midnight.
Whilst we struggled with sleep, Warren was outside making sure our little fire was safe. We heard lots of voices and some drunken guys approached him. They’d been around before, circling the site, and they were looking for their friend. They’d managed to sneak into the festival without paying and wanted to find their friend’s tent. They were swearing quite a lot and made us feel quite uncomfortable.
We managed to get to sleep, but woke early to the sound of dog walkers. They were discussing the small amount of toilets allocated to everyone. It was a loud, annoying conversation right outside our tent and I was so happy when their dogs ran off to eat someone’s food.
We got ready, headed to the toilets and found most of them full up, one overflowing and one with cans thrown into it. What the hell is wrong with people?! It makes me really annoyed when people act so disrespectfully. It makes no sense. The staff had spent the morning visiting tents and collecting rubbish, but obviously someone mistook the loo for a bin. Arghhhh!
We had a little chat and at this point, with most of the things costing a fortune and the uncomfortable feeling we had felt the whole time we’d been there, we packed up and headed over to the go-karts. We wanted to leave on a high so we let the kids go for it. They loved it!
When it was time to leave the staff were wonderful (once again). They helped us get the car to the site and afterwards they helped us find our way out.
Geckgo Fest is not for us, I saw lots of people loving it, but we weren’t part of that crowd. It was too ‘adult’ for us, and with the disrespectful nature of some of the campers, I don’t think we’d return in a hurry.
However, I do want to commend the Geckgo staff. They were 100% amazing and I cannot fault them.

Did you go to Geckgo? Did you enjoy it?


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