Funky Kids Fashion at H&M

I love H&M clothing, but it doesn’t always have to be for myself. In fact, I often go into the Cardiff store to have a nose and then I find myself heading up the escalators to the kids department!

Molly has such a fab character, and I think we’ve tuned into that with her clothing. She likes to be comfortable, so leggings and joggers are always high priority. The same goes for shoes, nothing too fancy, she’s a rough-and-tumbler!

Over the weekend Molly and I popped in to have a shop and we found (and bought) some gorgeous clothes! She likes the idea of floaty skirts, so we decided to combine comfort and cute…


She chose a really pretty long-sleeved bunny top (£2.99) and a gorgeous blue sparkly tulle skirt (£6.99). H&M are currently doing a top + bottom deal for £6.99, so we were lucky to pick up items that qualified.

We chose some cute calf-length leggings (£2.99) to go with the outfit, along with cute fleece-lined shoes we found in the sale (£4.00).


When we were at the till Molly spied this cute headband for £2.99 (her hair can get on her nerves sometimes et she doesn’t like having it constantly tied up, so a headband makes all the difference!) and I couldn’t say no…


George and Warren were supposed to join us but they got carried away in a game shop, so Molly and I chose some clothes and shoes for George. I adore the whole American look, the top we chose (£5.99) immediately reminded me of some kind of cool 80’s movie, kids going riding their bikes and going on adventures.

I never thought I’d buy my children joggers, but since having kids I realise they’re the best thing for them to wear! They keep them warm and they’re easy to move around in (and climb trees!), so we went for this pait for £7.99…


We finished his outfit with a dinosaur hoodie (£9.99) and some cool back velcro shoes (£14.99).


Doesn’t he look ace? Again there is an offer in-store with the three clothing items, so the cheapest item was free. Great huh?


Both kids look adorable in their new clothes and they keep telling me how much they love them! I adore H&M, not only are there clothes affordable, they’re also cool and quirky!

Oh, I almost forgot to say, when I paid for all the bits and bobs I was given a 25% off card valid from 12th- 28th September! AMAZING!


Do you shop for kids clothes at H&M? What do you think of our selection?

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