Floral Head Wreath Tutorial: #BostikBlogger.

Floral Head Wreath Tutorial: #BostikBlogger.
'Make a Floral Head Wreath' with photos of each stage.
*Thanks to Bostik & Craft Merrily for materials.

The past week has been so busy, but it hasn’t stopped us from crafting! Bostik and Craft Merrily have sent us some goodies and we have been busy making floral head wreaths. They are super easy to make and the craft list is very minimal, and to top it off they look divine!

You will need:

Bostik Glu Dots
Bostik Blue Tac Glue
Flower embellishments
Measuring tape

A tub full of ribbons.

Glu dots, ribbon and paper flowers.

To start you’ll need to measure your little one’s head and make sure the ribbon you cut is at least ten inches longer than your measurement (this is to ensure there’s ribbon left to tie up around their precious head(s)).  

Next you need to lay the ribbon out across a table and begin embellishing it! I started from the centre of the ribbon and worked out, making sure I didn’t add flowers beyond the head size (otherwise it wouldn’t tie together very neatly!). 
I added plain and already embellished flowers, then I added extras such as sequins and other bits and bobs to make it a little more interesting. The Bostik Blu Glu is amazing, it goes on blue so you can see where you’ve glued and then it dries clear. Magic!

Paper flower with a glu dot on the back.

Paper flower being pressed to the ribbon.

Ribbon with flowers stuck along it.

Once it’s all dry and exactly how you want it to look, you jsut need to wear it! Molly has the most fantastic hair and was kind enough to model the final result…

Girl with curly hair wearing hair wreath.

Girl with curly hair wearing hair wreath.

Girl with curly hair wearing hair wreath back view.

Girl with curly hair wearing hair wreath back view.

I love this craft, and I think it suits any age range because it’s simple yet it produces gorgeous results. You could obviously use other types of ribbon or embellishments, go wild and get creative!

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