Festival Must-Haves: Styling Mum

Festival Must-Haves: Styling Mum

I am feeling awful today, completely full of a head cold and exhausted. I rarely get ill, but when I do it’s normally bad. Hopefully it will go by the end of the week because we’re off to Geckgo Festival in less than 2 weeks!
I’m so excited, after seeing how much George and Molly enjoyed Beyond the Border, I know a full weekend away is going to be amazing. So I thought I’d put together a selection of posts about essential must-haves for festival season.
I’m starting off with the mothers, because in my house, I’m the only one that packs!

Firstly, it’s all about the footwear. I totally have a softspot for New Look, mostly because their footwear fits my unusually weird feet. I wore wellies (above £17.99 from New Look) to Beyond the Border and it was absolutely boiling, so taking a selection of footwear is completely okay for festivals, I promise…
Sandals (£17.99 New Look) are a great idea for those hot days but I’d also sneak in a pair of Converse. To me, there’s nothing cuter than wearing Converse with a dress! Oh, apart from a dog modelling Converse…
I think ditsy dresses and shorts with t-shirts and vests are also great ways to dress when attending a festival. You can always pack leggings incase the weather turns.

Miss Selfridge Dress £35.00


Boohoo £12.00


 Hats are also a good idea for keeping your head safe from the sun, looking good and covering up your sleepy eyes when you have a snooze on the grass in the sunshine. This one is from Topshop for £22.00.
A top must-have for anyone going to a festival is good bag! There is so much choice, but it obviously depends on whether you are going to an overcrowded festival or a quiet, less-likely-to-get-robbed kind.. Either way, being sensible with your belongings is key.

I always tend to avoid taking jewellery to festivals, or even on holiday, because it’s a great excuse to pick something up whilst you’re there!
So this is my festival collection for the ‘mother’, even though it rings ‘sensible’ it’s actually pretty damn adorable.
What kinds of things do you wear and take with you when you go to a festival?


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