Festival Frenzy: A simple guide to festival essentials!

Festival Frenzy: A simple guide to festival essentials!

It’s that time of year when we’re all getting into a Festival
frenzy, and so I thought it would be a good idea to think about the
essentials when it comes to festival going and camping in general…

 1. Get the right kit.

From tents to wet wipes, making sure you have the right bits and
bobs for an adventure is essential! My tip would be to make a list
suitable for you and your family, and tick it off as you pack it
ahead of the big day.

2. Food and drink.

Don’t forget to but lots of easy cook (or no cook) food. As well
as lots of water to keep you hydrated. Make sure you check the rules
for what you’re allowed to take into each festival, glass is a big
no-no at a lot of them!

3. Clothes.

Make sure you take a small selection of clothing ready for a all
kinds of weather. Wellies and a raincoat are essential with the UK

4. Happiness.

Don’t go feeling blue. Make sure you listen to plenty of music in
the run-up to the festival and don’t sweat the small stuff. Have fun,
be happy and be free. 

 5. A plan.

Finding your way to and from the festival is important, so grab a
map or check out this handy guide from Go Girl to get yourself to the
festival of your choice safely. 

6. An open mind.

Relax and unwind and open your mind. You never know what you might

7. A lighter.

I don’t smoke, but even I know a lighter is pretty useful, right?

8. A torch.

My kids just packed a torch for their hols and we’re not even
going camping, I call that well prepared. 

9. Toilet roll.

This is essential. The long drops and porta-loos will run out. Be

10. Good company.

Go with people you love. Simple really…

Happy festival going guys, have lots of fun and maybe I’ll see you
at one (or two!) soon!

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