Feeling Disturbed?!

Warren and I have become somewhat addicted to being locked into a room and having 60 minutes to get out. So much so, that when we were invited along to try out Breakout Cardiff’s latest room, Disturbed, we jumped at the chance!
Last time we visited Breakout Rooms was back in August for Warren’s birthday. We really enjoyed our teams going head to head in the two Classified rooms. This time however, our team was the smallest it’s ever been, just Warren and I! I honestly didn’t think we’d stand a chance, sometimes the ‘thinking’ can become stale with less people around to bounce ideas off, but actually we did okay!
We headed there the say before Halloween and we received a very warm welcome. We were given the brief for the room and off we went. The experience was pretty creepy; the music, videos and vibe in the room kept me on edge throughout the whole game, but in a good way! The atmosphere was spot on for a creepy, ‘disturbed’ room.
We worked frantically at first, trying to gather as much useful looking ‘stuff’ together in an attempt to crack a code or work out a clue. We tend to be quite methodical and after about ten minutes I realised what a good team we were. We communicated well and we accepted our different roles according to our personal strengths and weaknesses.
The various tasks, clues and puzzles kept our brains ticking along nicely and it was actually (in between me jumping at the sound effects!) enjoyable!
I really loved the whole atmospheric vibe in this particular room, and there wasn’t an overload of mathematics, which is always a bonus for someone like me…
I don’t think it really matters what time of year you book ‘Disturbed’, because it offers so much more than just a spooky scare. It’s clever, well planned out, creepy, relentless and oh, how we loved it!
I bet you want to know if we escaped?! Well, yes indeed we did, with 7 minutes to spare!
Two days later and I’m already thinking about booking Cursed Carnival for my family, it’s such a great way to spend an afternoon and it keeps the grey matter buzzing as well as offering a chance to bond and reconnect with friends, loved ones and even colleagues.
So if you’re stuck for something to do, or if you like a challenge and think you can beat the clock, book now!
Disclosure: I received a free game in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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