Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Rock Daddy in Your Life!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Rock Daddy in Your Life!
*I received items in the blog to include in the guide. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

2018 is flying by and we’re now approaching Father’s Day with speed. I’ve put together a list of fun, interesting and useful gift ideas for Father’s Day, and most importantly there’s truly something for every kind of budget.

 Gift Ideas for the Father’s Day

A Classic Hipflask

I think something very classic like a Zippo hipflask would make an amazing Father’s Day gift. This is the kind of gift that’s thoughtful, practical and just very special, whilst not breaking the bank. This particular one is currently priced at £15.90, so even on a small budget you’ll have change for a card and some beers!

Wine Purifier

Üllo Wine Purifier is such a novel and intelligent idea, because who really wants to drink all the sulfites used  keep the wine fresh? Once the bottle is opened these sulfites are no longer needed, so it makes total sense to clear them away and enjoy a more pure version of the wine you’ve bought, plus this in turn takes away any bitter tastes caused by the pesky suphites! I think providing the wine to go with it would be an awesome gift this Father’s Day, especially for the health conscious dad!

This little beauty is £69.99 and you can purchase it from Amazon (it’s available on prime too!).

Jack Daniel’s Gift Box

Nothing says, ‘I love you’ like a bottle of someone’s favourite tipple, but what about if it came in a personalised box?! Personalised Gifts Shop. Warren adores Jack Daniel’s, so it would make perfect sense to go for the following combination…

This set costs £64.00, and I can imagine just how much Warren will love this on the big day!

Guitar Chopping Board

Warren’s fantastic in the kitchen, he cooks up all sorts of weird and wonderful delights, so a chopping board would be a spot on gift for him! But, why stop there?! A guitar shaped chopping board would completely blow him away for Father’s Day (or any day of the year!). This one retails at £24.99.

Photo credit: Personalised Gifts Shop.

The Perfect Card

Hallmark are at it again with their perfectly beautiful cards that no mere mortal can resist. They’ve also got more of those cute and quirky Itty Bittys on sale, and I think they’re great for little ones to give to their Daddy this Father’s Day. 

A Designer Bag

I’m not one for designer gear, mostly because I can’t afford it, but when it’s a special occasion such as Father’s Day, why not treat the special father in your life to something rather special. This lovely and practical bag from Mainline Menswear is perfect for this Father’s Day, and it won’t break the bank at £29.70 (RRP £60).

 I think it could be perfectly matched with…

A Wallet

The men I know love a good wallet, so this Luke 1977 Quade Leather Wallet would be perfect. It retails at £25.00 and you know for certain it will be used on a regular basis!

Whisky Cubes

I think these Whisky Cubes are an amazing gift idea! I love the idea of pairing these with the Jack Daniel’s Gift Box idea; it would be a really thoughtful gift to give. Cool Gifts has lots of other gift ideas too, and I think you could easily get a bundle of lovely gifts from them for less than £50.

Mini Fridge

Oh I can’t get enough of this black mini fridge by VonShef. It retails at £79.99 on Amazon and it is really swish whilst also being amazingly practical. 

Check out our little vlog to see more!

Tool Kit

Warren can never have too many tools, and to be fair I often dip into them to attempt a bit of DIY (mostly hanging pictures!). This toolkit from VonHaus is £36.99 and it comes with 104 socket pieces. I absolutely love the design of the bag; it basically collapses down when not in use, amazing for small homes or vehicles, and perfect for Father’s Day.

Beard Kit

Gruff Beard are going from strength to strength and Warren is a big fan of theirs. If you’re looknig for a gift for the bearded dad in your life, then this kit is the gift for you! For £24.99 the kit includes beard oil, beard balm, a comb and scissors. It’s such a lovely gift idea, Warren is always using these exact things to keep his beard looking lovely…

A Letterboard

I don’t care who you are, a felt letterboard is a must have! We love leaving notes to each other with our light box (a lovely gift from a friend), so it makes sense to go to the next step of secret love letter communications with a Letter Board. This one is so gorgeous, and I love the felt backing, it’s so luxurious and I can see it lasting a very long time…


A Mug

Every year for the past few years, I’ve bought Warren an enamel mug, so this is definitely top of my personal gift list! I’m a huge fan of Amara, and this gorgeous mug is from their beautiful online store. It’s designed by Orla Kiely and it’s currently priced at £12.95. I love it so much, and I love all the accompanying pieces (flasks, plates etc…). Go check them out!

A Musical Book 

Every Rock Daddy needs a rock book… This year it’s all about the story of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. It’s been over 40 years since the album was released, and through words, images and quotes so this book would make a pretty special gift this Father’s Day. The Making of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells is available on Amazon for £14.99

Hair Care

A sensitive issue, but haircare is just as important to men as it is to women. Warren has recently been trying out a 90 day vitamin plan and he’s seeing great results. It Really Works Vitamins are currently on offer for £87.89 (RRP £94.89), and you can enter to be in with a chance to win a sample on their website!

Rescue Remedy

I think with the world we currently live in, the importance of sleep is often overlooked. Thanks to Bach’s Rescue Remedy we can all have a better night’s sleep, perfect for Father’s Day, wouldn’t you say?! You can grab Rescue Night Drops for £8.49 from Boots.

Car (or Van!) Care

Warren loves taking care of his van, and I think these wipes and sprays from ArmorAll would do a fantastic job of brightening up the interior and exterior of his much loved van. You can purchase a selection of car goodies over at Amazon

Malki Dead Sea Treats

Taking care of your skin is important, so when somebody buys you something like this, you know they really care. Dead Sea products are  sold at Boots, you can get the Soap for £3.95 and the Shower Cream for £7.79. I can imagine popping a bundle of goodies together for Warren and pampering him on Father’s Day!


You must have predicted this would be on the list?! If I didn’t get beer for Warren for Father’s Day, well… who knows what would happen! Portobello Brewing provided us with a coupel of samples and Warren absolutely loved them. Find out more here.

A Plectrum

This is probably one of my favourites on the list. It’s so sentimental and useful, but mostly sentimental. I know Warren will take great care of this plectrum, and each time he uses it he will think of George and Molly. Giftpup engrave the stirling silver plectrum with your chosen wording and it costs £39.99.

A Bracelet

Warren adores jewellery. He has quite a lot in the way of studs and bracelets, but when it comes to special occasions, a really well thought out and classic gift would mean the world. This gorgeous bracelet from Hendrikka Waage is beyond gorgeous, and it retails at £59.00, so it’s the perfect gift for the jewellery loving men out there!

Cork Board

 Again with the organisation, but also, jsut how cool is this for a gift idea? I loved the beard and sunglasses combination cork board so much, it truly reminds me of Warren and it’s only £29.99. I think this would look cool in any home, plus it keeps you organised and motivated = win, win.

A Beer Jug

What else would go so perfectly with beer?! A jug of course. What would melt ever dad’s heart? A personalised beer jug. This jug costs £14.99 (bargain!) and you can personalise it with your very own message. Born Gifted have loads of Father’s Day gift inspiration on their site, I suggest you check them out!

A Razor 

Possibly a very sensible gift, but who doesn’t like some sensibilty? I love the idea of receiving a swish razor, so I’m guessing beardy Warren does too! He shaves his neck to keep his beard nice and neat, so he needs something that’s easy to use and won’t scratch him. Dorco are subscription service that tailors your razor blade subscription to your exact needs, and the price is less than £6 per month.

I’ve really enjoyed popping this together to share with you, and I truly think all the products are fab. I also think there’s something here for every kind of budget (and every kind of man!).

I hope this guide is helpful and if there’s anything you think I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments…


  1. 5th May 2018 / 7:58 pm

    Wow this list is so comprehensive Kel! There's literally something for every budget! I'd love to get the wine purifier for my dad but it's a bit out of my price range! But the Tubular Bells book is perfect for Emlyn! That's EXACTLY the kind of obsessive muso nonsense he loves! Thanks chuck! I am usually rubbish at thinking about decent father's day gifts!

    • Kelly Allen
      3rd June 2018 / 4:05 pm

      Aw you’re lovely! There are so many interesting things available out there, eh?

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