Father's Day Countdown

Not long til the big day and I’m already a little nervous! I always feel unprepared for Father’s Day, especially since my Dad isn’t around anymore…
When I think of the word ‘father’ I immediately think of safety, protection and kindness. This is because of my own father and nowadays Warren’s role as a father. I’ve been totally spoilt by the two men in my life and I can only dream that George will grow up to be just like them.
In all honestly, Warren has his moments, when he’s just not in the zone of being a Dad. He’s just got in from a ten hour shift, or he’s shattered from a gig or he feels ill. But it’s how he turns these grouchy times around that always surprises me…
When I’m in a bad mood, it takes a lot to shift it. I’m not in a bad mood often, but I know the work that it will take to get me out of it. Not Warren… he is brilliant and wiping the slate clean and getting on with life in his own way… which usually involves being a little bit insane.
So, he’ll dust off his grumpy face, grab the kids and go play basketball. Or he’ll suddenly decide we’re hopping in the car and going somewhere. Or he’ll just join in with Minecraft and the kids will smile from ear to ear. He just knows how to fix the bad times, and well, that’s quite a skill.
I always like to make a big deal on Father’s Day, because it’s so easy in this life to take people for granted. I want him to know he is always in our hearts, so we celebrate this day to make sure of that! I know, it’s another day for us to ‘spend’, but we tend to either buy useful gifts or make things 🙂 we also treat him the rest of the year too, of course!
So, over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be announcing my top 5 gift ideas for the special man in your life… check back to see idea #5 soon!
Read all about #5 here!
Do you celebrate Father’s Day? What kind of things do you do?


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