Father's Day Countdown Gift Idea #5 Sugru

Father's Day Countdown Gift Idea #5 Sugru

First up on my Father’s Day Top 5 Gift List is Sugru. I was sent a complimentary box of Sugru for my wonderful husband to try…
It arrived perfectly pacakged and when we opened it up we were pleasantly surprised to find the little Sugru tin inside containing the five different colours.

The pack contains a leaflet with so much useful information and ideas. The packets are really easy to open, each one a different colour so you can choose whether to match it to the object you’re sticking it to.
It reminded me of white tac, it has a very similar consistency and can be easily moulded into different shapes. I was immediately drawn to the red Sugru, so after we had a look through the suggestions, we cracked it open and went for it!
We totally fell in love with the idea of the Lego hack, so we made a little skelebones dude and popped him on the bookcase. He looks so fab there, hanging onto the phone charger. We love him, and I think he will slowly gain more friends to sit beside him over the next few weeks!
Another thing we used it for was to attach some Lego to the side of our Lego table, this means we can build vertically, something that looks really cool…
Warren built an awesome spider, web and trapped Lego people. It’s so fab! It gives us an extra area to create, a different perspective on Lego and basically a fun addition to the Lego area.
I think this is a great gift for any Father, it is so handy to have in the hosue in case of a breakage or one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments when you think of the perfect hack!
Sugru is definitely a staple product that will always have a place in our home. The beginner kit is £10, so what are you waiting for? Grab one for the Father in your life now!
*I received a starter kit for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.*


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