Father's Day Countdown Gift #4 Baker Days Letterbox Gift Cake

Father's Day Countdown Gift #4 Baker Days Letterbox Gift Cake

Everybody loves cake, right? Well we certainly do, and so my #4 Father’s Day gift idea is cake. But not just any cake…
I find the whole ‘event’ of Father’s Day, birthdays or general celebrations quite stressful, so the thought of making my own cake totally freaks me out. It would most likely end up burnt or I’d forget to buy the one essential ingredient and end up with nothing to give.
So the idea of ordering a cake from Baker Days makes me feel a little less stressed, a little less worried and actually, it means I can focus on other activities leading up to the big day (such as making sure ‘beer’ is on the shopping list and the kiddies have filled out their cards).
Warren and the kiddies (and I!) were very excited to open up the tin and see the design we’d chosen together. Because of George and Warren’s love for Star Wars, we ordered the Darth Vader Cake.
As soon as we opened it the gorgeous cake-y smell hit our noses! I popped the kettle on and grabbed a knife for Warren! We were really excited to taste it.
Before we got stuck in it was time for Daddy kisses! As you can see, Molly is probably thinking about the cake at this point…

The kiddies made a comment about the size of the cake, as you can see from the photos it looks quite small, but it was the perfect amount for us.
It was a very lovely cake, the sponge was tasty (probably a little dry compared to fresh on the day home made ones) but the icing really stood out, it was sooooooo yummy!
We demolished the cake in minutes and I can safely say this is an ideal gift for the Father that enjoys a bit of tea and cake!
*I received this cake for review. All opinions are my own and 100% completely honest*


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