Father's Day Countdown Gift #2 Stardust Hand Stamped Jewellery

I know it’s obvious how much I love Father’s day, even without my father around, it still means so much to me. I always like to buy Warren a little trinket or two and my number 2 slot goes to Stardust Hand Stamped Jewellery.
I was really keen to get Warren a little keepsake he could keep on him to remind him how important he is as a father, so we chose a lovely keyring engraved with ‘This Daddy belongs to…’ and then a girl and boy figure with their names stamped on them.
The keyring costs £12 plus £2.50 p&p. It was extremely well packaged and it was presented in a lovely organza bag. There are other options to choose from if this design isn’t for you, or even for different occasions.
I love the personal touch to this gift, it feels like it will be a gift to last a long time, something for him to look at fondly when he’s apart from them.
Do you like this design? Have you bought anything like it for the father in your life?
Disclosure: I was given this keyring in exchange for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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