Father's Day Countdown Gift #1 Gruff Beard Gift Box

My #1 slot for this Father’s Day has to be a Gruff Beard gift set. Gruff Beard is a family run company based in Cardiff and they are very passionate about beards!
We all love a good beard in this house, and Warren’s is very much loved but not always cared for. He often complains about it being quite itchy, especially when it’s longer, and he often has a little plastic comb tucked in his pocket so he can groom on the go.
It makes total sense for Gruff Beard to be our number one choice of gift for the bearded Dad this Father’s Day!
The large gift set contains beard oil, beard balm and beard soap. It also arrived with a small packet of love hearts! The box arrived super fast and the gifts were all neatly wrapped in a gorgeous brown box, tied with string.
Warren opened it carefully, he was very excited to see what was inside! It was very thoughtfully presented and the packaging and logos are really quirky. There is definitely a high quality feel to the products as well as the impression that each item has been lovingly prepared.
Once we’d all had a nosey it was time to test them out! The gift box comes with an information card, explaining how to use each item in the box.
First up was the ‘Goat Milk’ beard soap, made with a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, lard oil and goat milk. The soap has a very delicate and fresh scent, perfect for cleansing a good beard but without an overwhelming smell. Warren gave it a good lather in his hands before massaging it through his beard…
Warren loves his beard, so he thoroughly enjoyed giving it some dedicated attention. He described the soap as ‘gentle and soothing’.
Next up was the beard oil, made from all natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, sweet almond oil as well as few more gorgeous oils. He simply appiled a few drops to the palm of his hand and rubbed it throughout his beard. The oil has a stronger smell compared to the soap, yet they compliment each other very well.
He really liked the oil, and once agian, he loved taking care of his beard! After this it was time to use the beard balm, a lovely little tin full of magical qualities to tame any flyaway hairs as well as adding shine to the bearded area!
The sandalwood and cardamon scented balm smells delightful, really fresh and slightly spicy. He used it for the final part of his new beard routine and immediately I saw the sheen appear across his beard. Magical stuff indeed!
Even the kids were jealous because they don’t have beards to groom and take care of…
Gruff Beard really have created perfect products for the bearded ones of this world; high quality packaging, gorgeous products and awesome results. I’m planning on purchasing one of their fantastic combs for Warren soon, to go with this wonderful set.
This gift set is thoughtful, quirky and luxurious; perfect for the bearded father in anyone’s life!
Disclosure: I received this set in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.


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