Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat™: Delicious Hot or Cold!

Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat™: Delicious Hot or Cold!
Two images, one with crisps and dip, one with potatoes and a title.
*Thank you to Fairfield Farm for our samples for this review!

Our weekly movie night usually involves a snuggle on the sofa, a good movie (unless Warren picks it!) and an array of tasty snacks to share. We love the big sharing bags of crisp you can rip open and dive into, so we were super excited to receive a bundle of Fairfield Farm Heat & Eat™ Crisps!

When it comes to local businesses, Fairfield Farm have a truly heartwarming story behind the Heat & Eat™ range. Robert and Laura began this venture back in 2006 and have gone from strength to strength, with Robert recently forging a bond with Tesco. He arrived at their head office with a microwave and a bag of Heat & Eat™, then months later they appeared on the shelves!

How to eat Heat & Eat™ crisps…

Fairfiled Farm are a well known brand, so it comes as no surprise when I tell you just how delicious their new range of crisps are. We received two flavours to try out, Sea Salted with Tomato Salsa Dip and Cheese & Chive with Caramelised Onion Dip. Yes, you heard that right, they come with dips!

They retail at £1.85 and you can eat them hot or cold and the instructions are pretty simple…

  1. Tear
  2. Remove dip
  3. Heat
  4. Dip & eat

 Here’s a little video with a bit more detail…

As you may know, we are currently transitioning to a vegan diet after
a very successful Veganuary, so we were happy to try out both flavours
for the purpose of this review. The Cheese and Chive were a massive hit
with Warren but I preferred the Sea Salted flavour. The crisps are quite
crunchy and fresh tasting, and the dips are perfectly matched to the
crisp flavours. I can be a bit picky when it comes to how hard crisps
are (yes, I have a sensitive mouth!) but these were really enjoyable.

Two large bags of crisps.

Crisps on a blue plate with dip.

Crisps with a dip.

The packaging is really great too, with an obvious ‘Tear Here’ sign. You simply pull the bag in opposite directions and it opens neatly out revealing a full bag of crisps and dip. All you need to do s decide how to eat them, hot or cold? Both taste delicious!

A packet of crisps next to a plate of crisps with a dip on.
A plate with crisps on and a bag of crisps behind.

‘These crisps are gluten free, made with natural flavours and grown in the UK.’

Fairfield Farm crisps are hand picked, hand cooked and their waste sunflower oil is used for bio fuel. These crisps are gluten free, made with natural flavours and grown in the UK. They are packaged really well, with high quality design and easy open bags. They taste amazing, are incredibly more-ish and even have the seal of approval from George…

George munching on a crisp.

George holding a bag of crisps with his thumbs up.

Thank you to Fairfield Farm for our samples for this review 🙂

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