Exotic fruits of Thailand : Perfect for the Travelling Vegan.

Exotic fruits of Thailand : Perfect for the Travelling Vegan.
*This is a collaborative post. 

Since discovering a vegan diet and all the beauties it holds, I’ve been taken completely by new foods, flavours and textures. I’m trying more food than every before and I’m loving it, because I know it’s better for me and better for the animals, never mind the environmental factors.

I can’t help but daydream over a family holiday abroad, tasting exotic foods and generally basking in the vegan lifestyle, just in another country! We have only ever left the UK for a holiday as a family once before, and I can’t wait until we have the chance to do so again.

One of the top places I think we’d all love to visit is Thailand. I always hear of people visiting Thailand and having such a wonderful time; it seems the perfect destination for the vegan traveller at heart.

Exotic fruits of Thailand : Perfect for the Travelling Vegan…

Dragon Fruit

We’ve tried this unusual looking fruit before, I’m sure! Warren likes to pick up exotic fruit now and again from Lidl, but just imagine going on an amazing holiday in Koh Samui and trying a fresh one! Delicious!


I never really thought about where mangoes come from, and even though they originated in India, they are now widely grown in Thailand… The kids (and Warren) devour them regularly, but they’ve never quite floated my boat. However, when in Rome…


Pineapple is possibly my favourite fruit, I could literally eat it til my mouth is sore. This would definitely be on my top ‘to taste’ list and I’d probably devour them whole! Imagine how delicious they would taste fresh?


Of course this has to be on the list. We’ve only discovered the canned version, so hopping on a plane to try out the real thing makes total sense. It’s so versatile and very good for you, it’s definitely on the list!


George is obsessed with lychees, he absolutely loves them. I can imagine us laying on the beach munching on these juicy fruits.

When it comes to natural and freshly grown produce, I think there’s so much more choice than we actually realise, and perhaps more if we just open our eyes.

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