Essential Gifts For TV And Movie Lovers.

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Everyone loves a good trip to the cinema or a chilled night in with your favourite TV show and a takeaway- but there are some out there who love TV and movies even more than anyone else.

Everyone loves different TV shows and different movies, and often the reasons for loving them are different too. Some people love Disney and spend as much time as possible in the Disney store: some are eagle eyed and Love to play quizzes like The Fictional Furnishings Quiz on their favourite shows and films: and some just Love the amazing effects on offer. If you have a tv or movie lover in your life who you want to give something special to: here are some of the great gift ideas you can buy for them.

For The Jedi In Your Family

Star Wars is one of the lot well loved cinematic franchises in the world to date and has a wild and passionate fan base spanning generations. The list of merchandise and gift idea you get from this series is almost endless, which means you’ll have no issue finding a fun gift for your family member or friend. You could go classic with a special edition of the films themselves; for a gamer you can buy Star Wars Battlefront; for the child in them you can even buy a full size lightsaber!

Winter Is Coming For Game Of Thrones Fans

Game of Thrones is without a doubt the most popular TV show on the planet at this point and is an incredible story which immerses everyone right inside. For any GOT fan you can get a huge ton of different gifts. If they haven’t read the books yet, buy them the full Song Of Ice And Fire Series. If they love a certain house such as the starks or targeyrans: a fun idea would be to buy them a shirt bearing the house banner. You can even buy dragon eggs for the Mother Of Dragons in your life.

Spellbinding Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter is one of those movie series which will always have a place in many heart around the world no matter what their age. If you have a Potterhead in your midst there are tons of options for gifts for them. You could go for a wand remote control for the TV, so that when they tune into the movies they can feel part of the action. You could get them a pyjama set in their favourite house along with a scarf to match everything. You can even give them a kit of make their own butterbeer! The options are endless.

The Very Best For Pokemon Fans

If you have a friend who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was: then they would probably greatly appreciate some of the amazing Pokémon gifts on display out there. You can get a plush version of their favourite Pokémon, a copy of the original game boy games, a real poke ball and loads more to keep them happy and entertained!

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