Encouraging individuality through play with Lottie Dolls.

I know you all know
our love for dolls, but I have to admit I am often dismayed at the
selection on offer in toy shops across the UK. Lottie is focused on
realistic, young and real dolls to inspire children, and
I’m pleased to say I think we’ve found the doll of every child’s


Be bold, be brave,

A catchphrase any
parent would love their child to live by, right? I certainly think
so. I want my children to be individuals, proud of their differences
and unwavering in who they want to be and become. Lottie dolls
certainly encourage children to unashamedly be who they are, facing
the world head on and with pride.

When Molly (our doll
obsessed daughter) was able to choose a doll and an accessory for us
to review, she was totally spoilt for choice. There are all kinds of
personalities and quirky looks to choose from, from a Wildlife
Photographer to Lighthouse Keeper, there are so many to choose from.
Eventually, after lots of deliberation, Molly chose Autumn Leaves
Lottie (£18.99) and without realising they are matching sets, she
chose Biscuit the Beagle (£9.50) to go with her new doll. 

The package arrived
in record time and Molly couldn’t want to open it. The packaging is
bold and colourful and it’s made from cardboard and small amount of
plastic. There’s an explanation on the back of the packaging
describing your particular Lottie character, as well as a place to
pop a child’s name.

We removed Lottie
and Biscuits from the packaging and immediately noticed how many
layers and accessories were included in both sets. Lottie has a top,
tights, skirt, boots, hate, scarf and coat and Biscuits came with a
dog bed, dog bag, bone, lead, outfit and a drinking bowl. You
definitely get a lot for your money with both sets, and the materials
are both rich in colour and high quality.


I really like
Lottie’s design, from her younger frame to how her limbs move, she
just feels so much more real than the regular high street shop dolls
you see around. I felt Molly could relate to her, and we talked about
kicking leaves and autumn as well as playing with Lottie and talking
about the care Biscuits would need. 

I can honestly say
that Molly has fallen in love with her Lottie doll and her pooch, and
I’m not embarrassed to say that so have I. I know that in the future
I’ll definitely choose Lottie over other brands of doll, because
she’s a doll Molly can relate to, she feels a lot more appropriate
for play and her attitude to life (as seen on the back of the box!)
is exciting and inspiring.

I think it’s safe to
say we’ll be building up a collection in the years to come; Lottie
dolls are young, realistic and fun dolls for children to treasure

To find out more check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts and  don’t forget to head on over to their Lottie Club here for lots of fun and exciting activities and information.

Disclosure: I received these items in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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