Emmy and the Whale by Julian Burrett and Chris Clor: Book Review.

I am completely and utterly in love. With a book. Yes, Emmy and the Whale by Julian Burrett and Chris Clor has totally stolen mine and my children’s hearts. I basically can’t fault this book, but I’m not going to leave it there, oh no… I’m going to tell you just enough to be intrigued, but not enough to spoil the story.
The story is about a young girl called Emmy, who befriends and helps a Whale find his mother. This book is full of wondrous illustrations and elegant storytelling…
Julian has the most exquisite story writing style; one of my favourite line in the book is:

‘She even led him past an Old City,
where the people didn’t know they were
lost and wouldn’t have minded anyway’.

There’s a mixture of quirky storytelling, wonderfully descriptive writing, topped off with Chris’s awesome photography (with a dash of computer graphics). The illustrations are seriously out of this world, Chris has a talent I can’t even grasp, each picture looks like a magical journey into another world and, much like the intention of the book, several stories can come from each page, which means readers and non-readers can make up wonderful worlds of their own!


We really love this book, and Molly and George had a go at drawing their favourite part (I struggled to choose my favourite illustration!).


Julian and Chris are like a dream team when it comes to children’s books, and this book (and future books!) are going to become family classics.


I love why Julian and Chris created this book; to inspire and feed the minds of children, to give them worlds to explore and to explore untold stories.

Emmy and the Whale holds the key to unlocking a child’s imagination. It’s the kind of book to get parents and grandparents talking and I believe it will inspire generations of children to come.

Emmy and the Whale is £12.99 and you can buy your copy (in time for Christmas!) here.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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