Edible Selfie Station Comes to Cardiff!

Edible Selfie Station Comes to Cardiff!

Today we were invited to the Edible Selfie Station in Cardiff’s St David’s Shopping Destination. The Edible Selfie Station is a pop-up store here until the 23rd December offering up a selection of gorgeous selfie chocolate lollipops and personalised chocolate Christmas cards.

We arrived with George and Molly ready to try out the fab technology that transfers your face into a chocolate lollipop! There are two screens with stools set up to scan your face, once the scan is complete the information is transferred to one of the four machines ready to create the wonderful lollipops for you to gift, eat or take home and admire! Once you’re scanned you get to choose from white, milk or dark chocolate…

Once you make your choices, the information is sent to the machines ready to create an awesome personalised lollipop. They use 3D scanning to turn your head into a lollipop in less than 5 minutes!

I  loved watching the whole process; it was truly fascinating and I think it’s a great way to do something yummy, educational and fun together as a family (or alone!). I think one of their lollipops would be the perfect stocking filler for sure, and if you didn’t want to go for the lollipop you could purchase a personalised chocolate card…

Prices vary but one lollipop costs £7.00, £14.00 for 3 of the same and £18.00 for 3 different ones.

The Edible Selfie Station is located near M&S and Primark is St David’s, the perfect position to pick up some Christmas gifts including some yummy chocolate lollipops!

Have you checked out the Edible Selfie Station in Cardiff yet?

Disclosure: We received three lollipops in exchange with review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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