Dream Interiors for the Daydreamer…

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

You might have read all about my big dreams for our future home, from location to interiors, I constantly daydream about how our life will pan out. When it comes to interiors, I’m all about vintage and unique pieces… From large lampshades to gorgeous wall hangings, I have a firm list of things I can’t wait to purchase for our future forever home.

I love bold colours, textures and things that make my visitors want to talk. There’s nothing quite liek the buzz from a newcomer or friend asking, ‘Where did you get that painting?’, or ‘I love your rug!’. It’s an awesome feeling when somebody loves your taste, your style… the way you see the world. These moments help me feel connected to other people, plus it’s awesome living in an environment you love. 

Dream Interiors for the Daydreamer…

There are so many things I love, and daydream about, but I’m going to start with floor tiles. I adore funky, vintage and unusual floor tiles. They can make a room completely mesmerising, from bright and bold to more muted tones, I love them all. 

Next on my daydreaming list is a decent mirror (or two). I adore the selection at Cox and Cox, they’re so inspired and full ofr elegant charm. I could see their designs sitting well in any envorinment. I think mirrors are a wonderful addition to any dream home, they open up rooms, creating space and light in the tiniest of places. 

Photo credit: Cox and Cox.

I also love the idea of quirky items around the home, such as the gorgeous stag heads or decorative wings. I am completely in love with pineapples, so a light up pineapple, lamp or painting would be perfect!

Wallpaper is another dreamy element, I totally love the idea of bold designs, especially monochrome. I’ve always dreamed of using bold colours in certain rooms, such as mustard or teal in different areas of the home. 

Paintings are a cute way to keep track of life, especialyl when they’re painted by the kids! I love having tonnes of them dotted around, reminders of short and precious life is. You might already know, but Warren is a fantastic artists, so having his work displayed is a perfect way to decorate our dream home…

I tend to daydream quite a lot about our future kitchen/dining area, and for me it’s all about colours, design and space. I would love a large family kitchen table, a little seating area, textiles galore and a glorious amount of kitchen accesories! I love the idea of a family kitchen space, with colours and love dotted all around…

So, you can see, I daydream a lot about all the things I love and would love for our future home. I have a very long wish list, as well as a tub of treasures under my bed ready for the day we find our forever home. I know I’m not alone, I know I daydream (along with others) about our future and how our life will look when we find our forever home. I think it’s awesome and very exciting to have these plans, but I also know what the most important part of this future is; my family. As long as they’re with me, any house is our home…

But it’s still nice to dream.


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