Does Stephen King’s IT Still Scare You?

I will admit I was much younger than 15 when I first saw Stephen King’s IT and the mere sight of Pennywise still gives me chills. Even watching it now, many years later, the chills are still there but the fear dissapated somewhat.

The story follows a group of kids (The Loser’s Club) as they battle Pennywise the clown, a terrifying shape-shifting being that captures souls by using their fears against them. The story follows the cihldren in 1960 intertwined with them as adults in 1990, after vowing to return and destroy Pennywise if he should ever return.

When I was a kid this movie gave me chills; drains were avoided and I’d shudder at the thought of creepy Pennywise’s face. I think when we’re young we’re impressionable, learning about the things that scare us and fearing them until we can grow up and look back and laugh. But with Pennywise, there’s not much chance of this…

IT is definitely a film of its time, with slow and overplayed acting as well as jumps and scares synonymous of the 1990’s. I still feel a deep sense of seriousness when it comes to The Loser’s Club though; they are all perfectly cast and their timeless classic dialogue, attitude and friendship stands out a mile in this movie.

Warren and I did have a little giggle at some parts, particularly the
exaggerated acting from most of the adults, but then I guess this would
happen with any movie from nearly 30 years ago. I simply adore Pennywise, even though he still freaks me out a bit; he certainly makes up for the dated acting produced by the grown-ups in the movie. He is creepy, sneaky and downright nightmare-ish as he snatches children and haunts the characters throughout the film. I don’t think his role in this film will ever stop making me feel unnerved; Tim Curry is simply phenominal.

I have no fear of clowns but to this day if I saw a balloon float past alongside the flashing, dancing smiling Pennywise, I’d be joining The Loser’s Club pronto.

There’s something so chilling about the movie, no matter what you’re age, and I look forward to the day I can show my own children this cult classic.

Disclosure: I received dvds in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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