Doctor Who Experience Cardiff Bay

George adores Doctor Who. When he plays with Molly he is the Doctor and she is Rose Tyler. They go on mad adventures and save the world together, just like they did on Saturday at the Doctor Who Experience based in the very gorgeous Cardiff Bay. It was George’s birthday and it was all he has talked about doing for the past year!
We arrived in the drizzle and braved the wind and actually it didn’t matter how bad the weather was because we were going to see the Doctor (plus it’s an indoor adventure, so rain, shmane!). We were all super excited, both kids have grown so much since we first went in 2013 so I was interested to see how they’d react…
We were greeted by friendly staff and guided to the waiting area for the interactive experience. They run every 10 minutes and we honestly didn’t have to wait long. We met our guide who was wearing long red robes and she explained everything we needed to know and handed us special crystals to hang around our necks. We watched a short film about the doctor, and I must admit it brought be close to tears, it was very magical.
Moving through the experience we travelled through time and found ourselves at the core of the TARDIS. Then George and Molly helped navigate the TARDIS; we all loved this part! We ventured on in search of three crystals, battling through the Daleks, Weeping Angels and finally Scarecrows. People were invited to search for the crystals and brave George found the final one!
The crystals were placed into the podium (the people who found them were able to do this themselves!) and the TARDIS was able to escape the clutches of what George and Molly would describe as ‘bad guys’. We saved the Doctor and the Universe all in one go!
It was a very exciting and engaging experience, and both George and Molly were enthralled, even if the Weeping Angels did spook us all out! I loved seeing the kiddibops point the different characters out as well as search for the crystals, it was lovely seeing their imaginations come alive.

After the experience we landed in the museum part of the building and found ourselves surrounded by life size models of all the different heroes and villains, as well as the costumes of the many faces of the doctor over the years.
George and Molly were mesmerised, giving the real bad guys a wide birth as they walked by! It was pretty cute, and I have to honest and say even I was creeped out by a life-size Davros and Cyberman. We spent a while looking at all the weird and wonderfully inventive creatures and costumes and then we headed to the gift shop.
There is so much choice we ended up spending quite a lot of time in there. In the end George chose a new Sonic Screwdriver, Molly picked a Dalek, Warren wanted a few wristbands and I added to my collection of badges 😉 I also picked up a keyring for Nanny Kim who was looking after the dog (Although I’ve forgotten to give it to her, so if you’re reading this I’ll give it to you when I see you next!).
We had a great morning at the Doctor Who Experience and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s fun, interesting, interactive and a must-see for any Doctor Who fan!
Disclosure: I received two complimentary tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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