Design a Stocking with Hobbycraft!

We recently received a gorgeous bundle of Christmas crafts from Hobbyctaft. Inside was a large green stocking (only £1!) perfect for some personalisation. Of course, the most creative person I know (Molly) decided to take control of decorating it and she lovingly decided to make it for her Daddy.
She used several Hobbycraft items, from glitter to bows, and to finish she added ‘To Daddy’ with sticky-backed letters. These packs are £1.50 each and I’d make sure you have more than one packet to ensure you can get the words you need to make from them. We were missing a third ‘D’ but Molly (inventive as ever!) created one from a letter ‘O’. Isn’t she awesome?
Molly didn’t complete this is one session, she really took her time on this project and I think it’s an awesome result. We also made a little jingly ribbon to hang it from with bells attached, we worked together to sew them on.
I really think that the whole concept of ‘making’ gifts, cards, trinkets is such a thoughtful way to show someone you care. I also love the creativity behind crafting and creating, so these two combined are complete winners in our household.
I love Molly’s stocking, and I’m sure Warren will be so pleased with it when she gives it to him ready for Christmas Eve.
I think our challenge for next Christmas will be to make the stocking from scratch 🙂 #makeitdontbuyit
Do you make your own gifts and Christmas ornaments?


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