Dazzling & Delightful: Crazy For You at Wales Millennium Centre.

Dazzling & Delightful: Crazy For You at Wales Millennium Centre.

Who doesn’t love a
good musical? When I was invited along to see Crazy For You at Wales
Millennium Theatre I was intrigued and excited to attend. Originally
named Girl Crazy in 1930, Crazy For You is full of fun, laughter,
music, dancing and love…


Crazy For You
follows the story of Bobby Child, who is sent to Deadrock, Nevada to
shut down an old theatre on behalf of his mother. Whilst there he
falls in love with Polly, the daughter of the theatre owner, but upon
discovering who Bobby is Polly rejects him. With disguise, slapstick
and bundle of romance, Bobby has to work out how to win the heart of
the girl he’s in love with.

I hadn’t read up on
the show prior to attending, it’s a bit more intriguing and exciting
this way I think. So, my theatre buddy and I found our seats and the
stage was set, it was time for the show. The stage lit up and the
voices rang out and the first thing I noticed was the pop of colour
from the Follie Girls; their costumes were stunning and I immediately
knew the show would be rich with textures, colours, glitz and glam.

Tom Chambers plays
Bobby Child, a man desperate to perform on stage but rejected at
every turn. I though Chambers was fantastic from start to end, he had
this sense of cute charm upon the stage, and his slapstick moments
were spot on. His performance totally engaged the audience, and it
was great listening to people laugh at the various funny moments,
from the slapstick to the witty dialogue. I thought he was fantastic
as Bobby, and later as Bela Zangler; Chambers is one talented guy, from comedy to tap-dancing, he held my attention throughout. 

Caroline Flack
completely surprised me in her role of Irene, she was powerful and
her sass was outstanding. I loved Irene’s storyline, and for me it
was classic of old movies/musicals. Lank Hawkins (Christopher Fry)
and their chemistry was fantastic, they certainly had my attention
(and my laughter) as they performed on stage.

Polly was played by
Charlotte Wakefield, and she was probably my favourite performer of
the night. I wasn’t sure what to expect as she strutted on stage in
her suede fringe skirt, but for me there was definitely a hint of
Doris Day in Calamity Jane. Wakefield presented Polly as a strong,
no-nonsense cowgirl and I loved it! As for her voice, well I couldn’t
get enough of it. She hit every note and her performances were
heartfelt and breathtaking. After looking at her past stage work it’s
obvious she has a talent for musical theatre, and I really cannot
wait to see her perform again!

I knew most of the
songs from the show, that’s what happens when you have a musical mad
family, so it was lovely to hear them performed live. It was only
this morning I realised the connection with Judy Garland and Crazy
Girl, and I know my mother will roll her eyes when I tell her I’ve
only just pieced this together. Forgive me, I was born in the 80’s
and I try my best… Still, it reminded me of when I first discovered
Mickey Rooney, and there’s nothing wrong with such a reminder! 

Chambers certainly
hints at the cute, quirky and somewhat silly nature of Rooney. The
set was used to its fullest with each act, from the slapstick to the
dancing, every inch of the stage was utilised. I absolutely adored
the choreography, it made me feel as though I was watching the real
Follies perform! I thought the chorus moved effortlessly across the
stage, and it felt very in-keeping for the time, which is something
I’m quite passionate about.

My only negative
would be the sense of emptiness sometimes, as though there needed to
be a little more dialogue or action. Sometimes I felt myself drifting
at the end of the musical elements of the show, because they were
instrumental or a little long, but this is a case of preference and
taste and I prefer a bit more of a fast-paced story and a bit more
dialogue. For example, the happy ending is very brief, not much is
said, and unfortunately I don’t feel this works as well on stage as
it does via the medium of film.

Nonetheless, I had a
lovely evening out, Crazy For You not only reminded me of the love I
feel for Warren, it also reminded me that you should never give up on
your dreams, because they’re just around the corner.

Crazy For You is
running until 9th September 23017 at Wales Millennium
Centre and tickets start at £17.50.

Disclosure: I
received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest
and my own.

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