CurrClick Picture Book Explorers – Tabby McTat

Recently we were offered the chance to review a Tabby McTat Picture Book Explorer through CurrClick. Over the past year I’ve realised that Home Education comes in many forms, and we’re still learning how we learn each and every day.
After working on this project, I think I know we’re not really the school at home type of home educating family, and whilst working on this it did feel very school-like. Still, we made the most of it, and I imagine those who are more structured and keen to do a certain amount of sit-down work would love this…
George and Molly love Tabby McTat, we read it quite a lot, so it wasn’t difficult to get the children interested! There are lots of activities within the pack, and George and Molly made an effort with each one, in particular they enjoyed the work on emotions!

This kind of work always instigates lots of conversation and discussion, and George and Molly talked about their emotions. It was fab seeing them understand different kinds of emotions and facial expressions.
They also enjoyed the river work to a point, but I felt some of the language was a bit advanced for a 5 and 7 year old, but my husband thought it was great 🙂 they loved the use of playdough and this activity lasted a very long time!
Another area they enjoyed working on was the whole subject of music and guitars. They both surprised me with their language knowledge with regards to guitars!
George also enjoyed listing animals and he had several great arguments about certain animals in both categories haha! Apparently wolves can be pets and he will be having one when he is older.
Overall it was an interesting task, both the children and I learnt a lot about the various topics and also more about George and Molly’s learning styles.
We enjoyed this study unit, and I think it would be perfect for families looking to learn a broad spectrum of subjects through the story of Tabby McTat.
For only $5.08 you receive the pack and all you need to do is print off the relevant sheets, grab a copy of the book and get started 🙂
Have you used a study unit as part of your home education? How did you get along with it?

Disclosure: I received this in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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