Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads.

I love buying gifts with the children for their Daddy, they love picking gifts and wrapping them ready for Christmas Day. The biggest problem is finding the perfect gift for the Dad who has everything (or says he has!) so I’ve popped together a handy list of gifts for all the very different and wonderful Dads out there…

A Personalised Mug

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a lovely new mug to have a cuppa with. I love all the different themed mugs out there but our top choice would definitely be this gorgeous beard mug from Oakdene Designs for £11.99. The mug arrived packaged inside a cute box within another box (to keep it nice and safe!) and it was in perfect condition. It’s such a cool mug and it’s the perfect way for Warren to start his day, reminding him how great his beard is at the same time. They have other awesome Christmas gifts on their site, so go check them out!

Christmas Tea Gift Set

You couldn’t really have a mug without tea, right?! Well next on my list is a Christmas Tea Gift Set from Victoria May Designs. The set includes 20 teabags with various little quotes and pictures all about Christmas. This set costs £16.50 and I think it’s truly divine. If Christmas isn’t the perfect theme for your loved one then check out the other themes including Sherlock Holmes (see my review here), Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.


What goes with tea? Why, cake of course! Imagine how you’d feel getting cake on Christmas Day? Pretty excited, right?! Bakerdays produce letterbox cakes (£14.99) that are the perfect size to fit through a letterbox, so even if you live far apart you can still get one of these lovely cakes delivered to your loved one. Again, we’d obviously chose a beardy cake, but they have so many Christmas themed cakes, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Doughlicious has recently launched in the UK and they are so delicious! They are made with natural, high quality ingredients, and the best part is how they’re stored – in the freezer! This means you can get as many (or as little) as you like out of the freezer each time and they bake within 10 minutes! 


A Little Something From Gruff Beard…

We are huge Gruff Beard fans and Warren never goes too far without his beard balm. They produce the most gorgeous products and their gift boxes are perfect for any beard! Their gift selection is fantastic, from enamel mugs to gift boxes to their brilliant beard baubles, there’s so much choice! Their website is super dreamy too, I could spend hours browsing their pages because it all looks so good (and I don’t even have a beard!). They’re also a family run business based in Cardiff, so what’s not to love?!

Winter Gloves

Warren loves to have toasty hands in the winter, so a pair of Dobell‘s black leather gloves are the perfect gift for Christmas. Priced at £24.99 these gloves are the kind of thing I’d love to have ready under the tree for Warren. The quality is fantastic and they’re super toastie, plus they look really stylish. Perfect for wintertime when the nights are chilly and there’s so much socialising to do at Christmas time!

Egg Cup

 I always worry about Warren and making sure he eats enough in the morning, so what better way to encourage him to eat than with a super cute Egghead Egg Cup from Helen Russell Creations for £7.00.  It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, and as you can see from the photographs, it comes perfectly packaged! I adore this cute little egg cup and I think it’s the kind of gift I’d end up ‘borrowing’ from time to time for my own little egg! Check out Helen’s collection here for more inspiring gift ideas.

Gadget Torch

Who doesn’t love a good gadget?! We’ve totally fallen in love with this awesome torch that has a secret stash compartment and also doubles up as a bottle opener. We’ve attended a few festivals recently so this is the perfect gift for those kind of adventures because you can safely store your money in it as well as use it to guide you back to your tent as well as open a beer or two! It’s so cute and fits into your hand perfectly, so it doesn’t take up much room at all, and for £7.99 it’s a complete bargain. 

Paper Cut Map

When I was contacted by Kip from KarteGraphik I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but as I perused his beautiful website I started to become quite in awe of his talent and skill, creating beautiful paper cut maps. For our map the area was an obvious choice, can you guess the place I chose? Cardiff of course! Not only do we have some amazing memories of being in Cardiff but this weekend we’re actually moving there, so this is a perfect Christmas gift. I cannot wait to frame it and hang it in our new home, I imagine it will be a huge talking point when we have visitors! Not only that but Kip has a step-by-step guide to framing you can find here. This small map (21cm) would cost £50 including p&p.

DAB Radio Adaptor

This is the kind of gift that makes life in the car (or van in our case!) more bearable! If you know someone who can’t access DAB Radio in their vehicle, then this is the perfect gift for them. The Nextbase Adapt DAB250 hooks up to the FM transmitter and wirelessly transmits music straight to the existing radio, offering access to extra stations whilst out and about. It retails at £99 and I think it’s a great idea for anyone with a vehicle without the capability to listen to the radio and boogie in style as you travel!

Bar Beer Tankard

Of course, the fail safe Christmas gift in this house for Warren will always be beer. So what’s better than a gorgeous glass tankard to serve it in? This beer tankard (£16.00) from Amara costs £16.00 and is handmade from mouth-blown glass; it’s simply divine. I love the modern take on an old fashioned beer glass, it’s sleek and perfect for the Christmas season. Amara have so many gorgeous gift ideas for this Christmas, check them out here

So that’s my list of ideas for Dad this Christmas. I obviously don’t need to mention what a good idea beer is, so add that to list too! I really love all these beautiful gifts, they’re all within a good price range and they’re all perfectly suited to that man of mine…

I hope you like my gift ideas and find some inspiration from the wonderful companies I’ve included on my list!

Merry Christmas!

Disclosure: I received these items in exchange for inclusion in this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 


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