Christmas is Always Beautiful at Bluestone…

We were so excited to be invited back to Bluestone this year, and we were super lucky to be able to go during their first week of Christmas festivities as well as on Molly’s birthday. There’s something so special about Bluestone at Christmas from the super magical elves to the glittering Christmas lights to the Christmas music played on loop; if you’re a Christmas lover then this place is for you.

We started off our week celebrating Molly’s birthday, but once it had passed Christmas was suddenly in full swing! In terms of activities, we visited Elftopia (which is included in the price of your stay), Beauty and the Beast Panto and we even made it to Santa’s Workshop! Here’s how we got on…

Elftopia at Bluestone

Bluestone never cease to amaze me when it comes to Elftopia. Last year was awesome and this year too, with lots of new and exciting experiences. The theme this year is flight related, with passports handed out to the children as well as one Christmas accessory; for babies they receive a bib, toddlers receive a cuddly elf teddy and the older children are given an awesome onesie. Before you even enter Elftopia you are of course given red Elf-like cheeks, and as I sit here after a full day and evening out, I can honestly say mine haven’t been washed off! I love them! 

Elftopia  is, quite simply, the pure magic that Christmas is made of. You are told to leave all your cares and worries behind as you are escorted from room to room by the magical elves! I loved the flight theme and interactive elements, from making reindeer food to having a magical snowball fight, there’s just so much for the children and adults to get involved in. It felt a little small than last year’s Elftopia, but George and Molly didn’t seem to mind and the experience was still full of all the wonders of Christmas. 

I loved the Fun House vibe and how all the elves interacted with the children (and adults!) with such joy and Christmas spirit. Elftopia really does bring the magic of Christmas to life and we left with such feel-good vibes and Christmas cheer. We all wanted to do it again once we’d been, and all Molly wanted to know was if we would continue to get rosy elf cheeks for the rest of the week!

Elftopia is included in your stay at Bluestone, but you need to book in advance of your trip to guarantee a place.

Santa’s Magic Workshop at Bluestone

There are other extras not included in the price of your stay, and one of these includes Santa’s Magic Workshop, which costs £5 per adult and £15 per child. With Warren’s current student status we’re on a tight budget but we decided to take the plunge and book tickets. I really wasn’t sure what to expect as we entered into the magical world of Santa, but as we entered the tables were scattered with willow and there were scatter cushions all across the floor.

Molly made herself at home on the pillows but George stayed close to me (he’d had a nosebleed and wasn’t feeling 100%). The lovely Elf welcomed everyone and then Santa made a magical appearance from down the chimney; this was an amazing moment and both Molly and I were mesmerised! There’s a strong robin/bird theme to the workshop, with a robin story and willow bird feeder making, as well as little robin cuddly toy for the children to take away. Included in the adult package was a small glass of mulled cider and a chocolate. 

I do think the willow making was a little complicated for the children, most of the adults had to help make them, but it was a nice craft to learn. I also think it would have been nice for the children to have had a snack/drink combo whilst they listened to Santa’s story. Despite these little things we all had an awesome time and it was lovely when the kiddies had a chance to meet Santa one on one to tell him they both want a puppy for Christmas! Santa gladly helped us out, explaining how he couldn’t make a puppy, he makes toys- thank you Santa! One dog is plenty enough for us for now haha!

What I loved most about this was the ability to use the bird feeders as soon as we reached our accommodation. We had so many birds in our back garden so we were excited to invite more of them to come and feast. Molly made a little video to show you how many birds we saw during one afternoon at Bluestone…

Christmas Panto at Bluestone 

We are really getting into Pantos as a family at Christmas, so I didn’t hesitate to book the Bluestone Panto for us. George and Molly were a bit less keen at first, they were tired after a long day and very hungry, but as soon as it started they were hooked!

The panto was Beauty and the Beast and it was absolutely fabulous! I cannot fault it at all, from the performers to the costumes, it was Panto right down to its core. Molly absolutely adored Belle (performed by Lucy Longden) and I thought Renee Bull was outstanding as The Enchantress; her voice was beautiful and she had such a lovely presence on stage. 

I also have to say Henry Townsend as Ghastly Gav was absolutely hilarious; his comic timing and attitude was perfect for a panto villain! We also all loved Jordan Bateman as Dame Spout; he was hilarious, funny and the costume changes were perfect! We met him briefly afterwards in the village pub and he was so nice, such a pleasure to meet someone so talented and lovely. 

The whole show was wonderful and the performers were faultless. The costumes were well designed and really high quality and I think it’s one of the best Pantos we’ve ever seen! This show is definitely a must-see!

Here’s a little video of our Christmas adventures at Bluestone…

There’s lots more Christmas fun to be had at Bluestone’s Christmasland, including Frost Lagoon, the Elve’s Christmas Dinner Show, Rudophl’s Breakfast Barn and the Ceremony of Light!

We had a fabulous Christmas break at Bluestone, and I can’t thank them enough for inviting us to visit. Don’t forget to check out my other Bluestone posts including Christmas 2016, what to take on a break to Bluestone (coming soon) and all about their ‘Free Range Fun’ (coming soon)!

Disclosure: We received a break in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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