Cabin Zero: The Perfect Family Travel Bag.

A woman with a green cabin zero bag on her back.
*I received this bag in exchange for review.

I have been on a mission for a very long time to find the perfect travel bag for our little family, a bag that has a large capacity for storage as well as easy to use and carry about. I’m a wimp when it comes to carrying heavy bags, but because I haven’t found the perfect one for us I often find I’m carrying my (small) bag and several other bags on days out; this is both annoying and not good if I need to hold George and Molly’s hands, which is most of the time!

Close up of green bag with 'cabin zero' and a flower in front.
When Cabin Zero got in touch about their fantastic bags, I couldn’t wait to choose one to try out! I immediately fell in love with their Classic Ultra Light Cabin Bag in Kinsale Green (44L), it’s completely gorgeously green (my favourite colour!) inspired by the county Cork, and I think it reminds me of nature- the mere sight of it makes me want to go adventuring!
A Dad and two kids in a tree. Bag on floor.

The day after it arrived we were off to Cardiff to see The Tempest. It was an outdoor event, and it was the perfect excuse to fill up the bag with lots of wonderful things ready for our day out. We managed to fit two blankets, several coats, my (huge) camera, my purse and keys and there was still so much more room if I had anything else that needed to go into it! It’s so spacious and has several compartments, something that’s always useful for days out, travel or holidaying. 

The bag I chose costs £60 and it is totally worth it! Firstly, anything waterproof is perfect for anyone out and about and in all kinds of weather. It also comes with a global tracker, thanks to Okoban. To register you simply head over to their site, enter the code found on the side of the bag (on one of the plastic atachments) along with your details and your bag will be registered so you can track it if you lose it. This is an amazing feature, especially for trips abroad. There’s also a 10 years warranty and the zippers are lockable, a massive bonus if you’re worried about safety measures.

Child holdin g big green bag.
She’s so cute!
Even Molly loves the bag! It’s such a relief to find a bag this size that doesn’t cause me (or Warren!) any back strain. It’s really easy to wear and so comfortable, yet quality hasn’t affected how amazingly cool these bags are! I know I’ll be able to use this for our adventurous days out, holidays, camping and so much more…
Bag on bench with hand reaching inside.

Man with bag on his back.

Woman walking away with green bag on her back.

Man with green bag on his shoulder.
We are on holiday soon so we’ll be taking this beauty with us so we can take it on beach trips and store all our good stuff in one place without worrying about carrying a million bags, as well as being able to keep our belongings dry and safe. 
I adore Cabin Zero bags, and I can’t wait to purchase one for Warren, because then we’d have twice as much storage space for our big and wild adventures. 
I’m super excited to offer 10% off Cabin Zero for all readers with this code:  CZKALLENWRITER. Just enter it at the checkout to receive the discount.
I love Cabin Zero, and I really mean it when I say you will too!
Disclosure: I received this bag in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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