Bryngarw Country Park Presents Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Bryngarw Country Park Presents Alice Through the Looking Glass.

We began our week defying the typical Welsh weather with a special trip to Bryngarw Country Park in Bridgend to see an open-air performance of Alice Through the Looking Glass from Quantum Theatre

There’s something so delightful about outdoor theatre events, perhaps it’s the fresh air, or in this venue’s case it’s the chance to sprawl out on the grass and be at one with nature as you watch the performers upon the stage. 

We arrived at Bryngarw within good time, and I’d suggest the same to anyone attending their other shows, so you have time to sort out seating, snacks, drinks and make sure the kiddiebops are settled before the show begins. 

The main building is absolutely stunning, and I can see why it’s the perfect wedding venue.  There’s so much land surrounding it too, and lots of trees perfect for the children to explore. The whole place is like something out of a fairytale!

The sun came out as we settled down with our picnic blanket and snacks. George and Molly enjoyed the fact that they could lay out across us both during the performance; it was so relaxing for all of us. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my initial glimpse of the stage; it’s always exciting to see how theatre companies interpret the story, stage and props. 

The story follows Alice as she slips through the looking glass and has to make her way across the chess board to the other side to become a Queen. She meets lots of interesting and unusual characters along the way, and she encounters songs, tales and fantasy like no other along the way. 

Quantum Theatre perform Curriculum-based shows for schools as well as summer and winter performances. The cast was made up of three actors, and I still can’t believe how much energy they had for the performance!

Alice was captivating, her persona was presented perfectly, I loved her body language and the way she moved so elegantly across the stage. She also had this youthful and playful way of performing on stage, perfectly matched for the character well know so well from the books and film adaptations. 

As for the other two actors, they literally didn’t stop. They  were joyous in their many transformations, from the cat to Humpty Dumpty to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, I have no idea how they remembered to change their costumes, accents and remember the various parts of the script; it was mesmerising! They totally reminded me of Dick and Dom, which is pretty fantastic in my opinion!

The whole performance was uplifting, exciting and intriguing. I love the use of older classic books, and as for the use of props and costume, well what can I say? I loved the use of the set, with different ways to create different scenes, as well as the varied array of costumes. 

We had such a wonderful day and after the performance we were able to spend some time in the park nearby. George and Molly enjoyed the show and it was lovely to end it on a high in the park! 

I simply cannot wait to go back and explore some more outdoor theatre fun as well as explore the grounds of Bryngarw as a family, because it’s simply beautiful.

Disclosure: We received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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