Book Review: The Journey by Francesca Sanna

When The Journey arrived in the post, we were immediately blown away by the beauty it possessed. From the superb quality of the hardback cover and pages to the uniquely beautiful illustrations, I knew this was the kind of book I’d pick up in a bookshop and want to buy.
The same night we gathered in my bed to read it before bedtime. George and Molly were as drawn in as me with the beautiful cover and we spent a lot of time talking about how the story might go. They both suggested it was about moving house and travel. Once we’d had a little chat it was time for the story to begin.
The illustrations are so wonderfully vivid and full of life, they capture each heartbeat of the story. The theme of migration is so important and it’s something that all generations should be aware of, but it’s often hard to discuss such things with children. I love how such a deep topic has been simplified within this book, it’s not too dark or depressing, but it addresses the reality of people’s lives through a child’s eyes.
George and Molly understood what was happening, they understood the emotions within each page and they were completely hooked with the story. When it ended, they wanted more. They wanted to know what came next in The Journey for the family that had been through so much.
The next day George drew a lovely picture from the book, I think he really felt a connection with the children in the story.
We discussed what it would be like to leave everything behind, what we would feel if their Daddy left and we didn’t know when he might come back. We were emotional at the thought of it all, but it evoked a passion, a questioning within us all and that’s what makes this book so special.
I really think this is the perfect way to introduce the subject of migration, war and other people’s lives. It’s a book full of details without the horror and it ends with hope.
We give The Journey 10/10. Beautifully illustrated, thoughtfully written and completely relevant to the times.
Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.



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