Book Review: Terror at the Sweet Shop by Lawrence Prestidge.

*We recevied this book in exchange for review.

You all know how much we love books, so it’s no surprise to see a shiny new book review here on the blog today. We were recently sent Terror at the Sweet Shop by Lawrence Prestidge for George and Molly (and me!) to read and review.

The story follows Reece, Oscar, Ishy and Emma, a tight-knit group of friends who live in the same neighbourhood, attend the same school and go to the very same sweet shop! When an evil witch called Miss Primrose comes to their town and takes over the sweet shop, followed by the school, the four friends must work out a way to stop her. Will they save their town? Will they save all the children? And, most importantly, who is that clever cat and why can he talk?

We read this book in less than a week. We started off with thinking we’d read a chapter a night but it soon turned into two, then three and then four! We were pretty desperate to find out what was going to happen to the four friends and the wicked witch. 

The story is very clearly written, with nice bite-size chapters so George and Molly couldn’t lose focus because each chapter was packed full of action and ended on a cliffhanger. This meant we had to read on every night to find out more!

The writing is easy to read, but I did find the odd phrase a little unrealistic when it come to how children speak to one another. Apart from this though, the book was interesting, engaging and really interesting. 

George and Molly loved guessing what was going to happen next and they loved the odd illustration dotted throughout. It was nice to see them relate to the characters and imagine what they’d do if a witch came along to their local sweet shop! 

We particularly loved the gross factor, from farts to sick, it had it all! There was also quite a lot in the way of magic and both children loved figuring out what the evil Miss Primrose had done or was planning to do.  I also loved how it encourages comradery amongst friends, portraying kids that help one another, protect each other and generally have great morals.

I think this is a great introduction into chapter books and perfect for any age, even mine!  You can grab yourself a copy from Amazon for just £7.99. 

*Disclosure: We received this book in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 


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